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5 ways to earn money online through writing

There are many methods to earn money online. Some of the ways are to have your own business, build your own brand, do freelancing on your expertise or be a trainer. One other way to start earning online is to showcase your writing skills and earn money online through writing. Writing is one of the best ways to get yourself involved online and earn a part time job providing writing services. Given below are 5 ways to earn money online through writing.

earning money writing

Earn money online writing
There are many ways to earn money online writing. If we classify into 5 short categories, below are the 5 ways to earn money online writing
1. Writing websites
2. Freelancing
3. Essays and assignments
4. Contest Writing
5. Blogging

  1. Earning money through content writing websites
    There are many content driven websites online that provide you a share of revenue when you write articles for their websites. Many of these websites pay online for writing based on page views for your articles which are posted in their website. An average pay that is paid by these websites is around 1 to 2$ per 1000 page views. As your content gains popularity, you earn more. For this you need good credibility and followers online who read your content.

Given below are few content writing websites which can help you start earning from writing.

Hubpages / Squidoo

writing in hubpages

Hubpages is one of the largest content driven website in web with articles available from various categories. Hubpages allow you to create a free account and start writing articles in their website. Articles are termed as hubs in hubpages.

Hubpages provides you earnings based on Adsense earnings, Ebay earnings and Page views. More popular your hubs are, more is the chance to earn from hubpages. After squidoo merge, hubpages has created immense attention online and has become the top website for providing opportunity to earn money online writing. You only need a free hubpages account, a paypal account to get your earnings.

Join Hupages free through this link —> Join hubpages


writing in triond

Triond is another writing site which is best for beginners who are new to writing.They pay you for adsense earnings and through page views.

Join Triond here in the link —> Join Triond here


writing in apsense

Apsense is another website where you can earn money in different ways. Writing articles, building credits so that you can fetch views for your articles in other websites, bringing more readers for your articles and building your brand are some of the ways to use Apsense. You can also promote your business and freelancing skills through Apsense.

Apsense is also free to join —> Join APsense here

2. Earning Money writing through Freelancing

Freelancing is one other way to earn money online writing. There are many website owners and organizations that are looking for quality content in their websites. They generally opt to get the best writers who do freelancing through freelance websites. If you are interested in doing freelancing without any hassle, you can checkout my article on Top Freelancing websites in web

3. Essays and Assignment writing

There are many essay writing and assignment writing jobs that are available once you build reputation online. Generally these jobs can be acquired once you have good writing skills in top websites like EzineArticles, WikiHow, Technorati. Job providers generally get in touch for these writing jobs directly and through the freelancing websites which is mentioned in linke above.

4. Contest Writing

Contest writing is another way where you have the chance to earn money online. There are many contests that are organized by organizations online to promote their products. Generally these contests are organized in their own websites or through social media websites. If you are active in social media websites and regularly following these websites, you have good chances of winning vouchers and prizes. However if you are new, you should be planning to build credibility for your writing.

5. Blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to showcase your writing skills. Not only you are improving your writing skills, but also building your own website or blog online which can  be shown as reference for getting online works. Create your blog through top blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress which provide you free blogging space, create quality content and get in the eyes of job providers who are looking for talented writers. Once you have an experience in blogging, build your own website or blog with your own domain name and start earning money online through blogging. Here is one article which gives an idea of how to earn money online blogging — How bloggers earn money online

There are also many other ways you can earn through writing. Hope this article would begin your writing career online. If you have any queries or interest in writing, do write to me through contact page and I will respond to your queries. Do share this article with friends who would love to start  their writing career


Hi, I am Sriram Blogger, Software Engineer and a photography fan. Blogging is my hobby and I love sharing writing articles on various topics which are useful

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  2. MalokMadingFebruary 5, 2012 Reply
    I have been making incredible cash with Factoidz since June last year and I believe this is the best site that actually pays you with its multiple streams of income. Consider this. One of the ways of earning forever is its affiliate money. Become my downline and you’ll be helping me in one way and in tend help you gain recognition and be accepted there my friend. Check it here:
  3. CatchmaniMay 8, 2012 Reply
    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing Sriram… I’ve been through all the mentioned sites, hope to make good use of these :) Thanks again.. Good day! 😀
  4. Pingback: 10 best sites to Earn Money Online Blogging | SriramRaj Blog July 28, 2012 […] article 5 best sites to Earn Money Online Writing received good response from readers which made me to write this article on exploring the 10 best […]

  5. Online WriterOctober 1, 2012 Reply
    I think you might be misleading a few people by saying these sites pay monthly. Most of them have a minumum $ requirment, so if you haven’t met the minimum earnings you won’t get a payout that month. You only get a payout once you reach the minimum threshold which is typically $50 to $100.
    • sriramrajOctober 31, 2012 Reply
      I dont know who you are Online Writer. But these are the most genuine sites which pay. The minimum payout varies from 5$ to 100$. It is not difficult if you work on these websites for 3 to 6 months to get 100$ monthly. Most writers get them.
  6. SritanuMay 26, 2013 Reply
    Hi sriramraj. Hope you are doing well. I am a software engg too and i have a thirsty throat for earning some bucks passively through article writings. I ploughed through the internet to find some reliable sites to work for. And i found your site. I have written about fifty articles for a client so i am not a rookie though. Well,my point is, could you just help me in getting a start please? Be my mentor, will you? I am counting on your positive response. Oh by the way here is my blog a/c, in case if you don’t have the habit of watching your favorite T.V show while having some coffee, please pay a visit at
  7. MadhaviSeptember 12, 2014 Reply
    Hi sriram. Thanks for the amazing post. I am just setting out as a freelance writer and I think this information would help me a lot. :) :)

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