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5 Sites to Earn Money Online Writing

I love writing and blogging online. I just write on topics which are of interest to me and which are the trending topics. In this article, you can learn about the 5 best writing sites that help you to earn money online. As blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online, if you are not interested to create your own blog and earn money from it, you can refer these 5 sites mentioned below

1. Earn Money Online with Squidoo

Writing in Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the best sites for writing and earn money online. You get so many modules to write, many interesting contents to add to your articles easily like youtube module, amazon module, zazzle module etc.

Squidoo is free to join and you can get your payments monthly to paypal. In squidoo articles are called lenses and depending on popularity of your lenses, you earn money.  You can read more on how to earn from squidoo here –> Tips to earn from Squidoo

In Squidoo, you also have the chance to increase your levels by voting and commenting on other lens masters articles thereby increasing your reputation.
You can join squidoo for free in link —> Join Squidoo here

You can read more about squidoo in my latest article Earning from Squidoo

2. Earn Money Online with Hubpages

writing in hubpages

Hubpages is another interesting site that I like to earn money online writing articles. As hubpages pays you monthly for your articles, you will build credibility as well as reputation for yourself.

Hubpages also have modules such as squidoo and you earn monthly through paypal.

Join Hupages here in the link —> Join hubpages

3. Earn Money Online with Triond

writing in triond

Triond is another writing site which is best for beginners who are looking to earn money online writing. It pays less but it pays monthly.

Join Triond here in the link —> Join Triond here

4.  Earn Money Online with Apsense

writing in apsense

Apsense is another site I love to write articles. Apsense is the place you have everything. You can communicate from people all over the world, sell your talent, promote your business, do tasks for clients and also write articles and earn money online writing.

Apsense is the leading business community site in web now and fastly increasing its popularity. You are given Apsense passport (login and password) which can be used in many sites as example as facebook login.

Apsense is also free to join —> Join APsense here

5. Earn Money Online with Mylot

writing in mylot

Mylot is another favorite site of mine which is paid for discussions. For any discussion you start, you are given upto 0.01$ to 0.02$ per post. I generally spend a few time reading discussions here and also writing discussions.

[update 14th April 2014] Mylot has stopped revenue sharing for discussions. But writing tasks is still available

In mylot, you also have writing tasks where you can write articles for clients when they give any writing task.

Minimum payout is 10$ and they pay monthly. It is one site one should give a try.

Join Mylot for free here in link —> join Mylot here

These are the 5 best sites to earn money online writing. There are many other writing sites as well which help you to earn money online. Do share your comments on which sites are the best.


Hi, I am Sriram Blogger, Software Engineer and a photography fan. Blogging is my hobby and I love sharing writing articles on various topics which are useful

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  2. MalokMadingFebruary 5, 2012 Reply
    I have been making incredible cash with Factoidz since June last year and I believe this is the best site that actually pays you with its multiple streams of income. Consider this. One of the ways of earning forever is its affiliate money. Become my downline and you’ll be helping me in one way and in tend help you gain recognition and be accepted there my friend. Check it here:
  3. CatchmaniMay 8, 2012 Reply
    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing Sriram… I’ve been through all the mentioned sites, hope to make good use of these :) Thanks again.. Good day! :D
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  5. Online WriterOctober 1, 2012 Reply
    I think you might be misleading a few people by saying these sites pay monthly. Most of them have a minumum $ requirment, so if you haven’t met the minimum earnings you won’t get a payout that month. You only get a payout once you reach the minimum threshold which is typically $50 to $100.
    • sriramrajOctober 31, 2012 Reply
      I dont know who you are Online Writer. But these are the most genuine sites which pay. The minimum payout varies from 5$ to 100$. It is not difficult if you work on these websites for 3 to 6 months to get 100$ monthly. Most writers get them.

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