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Two States Anti Climax Ends

It’s time to end the Two States Anti Climax story. As it is a interesting story, it made me take time to give a nice ending to the story taking into the Indian traditions, beliefs and culture.

Just for the people who were not in sync, this is a one side love story (Finally I agree) of a South Indian boy who liked (Removed Loved) a girl deeply. I have written three articles before on how the love started from the boy side, how the girl rejects politely and how the boy moves out to south for the next plans of action.

Boy comes to south after leaving lots of good opportunities in past two years in an assumption that girl will change her mind. Finally he takes a decision to come South after his parents want him back and had given him enough time to find a girl for himself. But unfortunately, the boy never came out of that dream world which he built around himself. However, he comes out from North to South and settles himself in a good company.

There were many interesting things that happened during the last week of stay during Boy’s stay in North. He starts giving farewell parties to all the friends and colleagues who were along with him all along during his stay in North. In this due course, he meets a girl who has become one of the best friends in short amount of time. Girl is a North Indian and very friendly. To be frank, North Indian girls are very friendly, helpful and more independent.

Now the boy comes to South and starts settling himself in new company. He has many new things to handle and many new challenges to face. He has to prove himself to others. Even though he is one of the most confident person around, there are some things that are still hurting him. But he keeps all to himself and gives a green flag to his Parents to choose a girl for him.

Parents are very happy that their Son has returned back to South and now they can find a girl very easily for him. They show the boy ample number of girl profiles who are best in their education, culture and simplicity. Boy is now fully confused on whom to choose. His parents have thoroughly checked the horoscopes, went through the girls family background and found him some really good profiles to choose from.

Boy decides to give his parents the final option to decide. He feels Indian arranged marriage is the best after all he went through. Interestingly, he rejects the proposal from North Indian girl who helped him for getting a job in South as he started thinking like the girl whom he loved. He feels like the girl that they cannot sustain themselves in other Indian cultures or traditions. He feels that girl may face issues when she comes to South even though he knows that she is a perfect fit. He thinks about his sister’s marriage if it has any complications because of his love marriage just as his love might have thought.

Overall, the love story is a anti-climax. Boy decides to go for a traditional Indian Arranged Marriage. He decides himself. He is Changing…

There is one interesting bit of portion I am skipping here just to finish off this story…. If I feel updating, will update it.
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