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5 Best Web Hosting Options for Indian Bloggers

Web Hosting is one of the most important decision that has to be taken for the success of your blog. For Indian bloggers who have their own website and are planning to take best web hosting services at reasonable prices, this post will give the information of Five best Web Hosting Options that are available online. This post is for Shared Web Hosting for Indian Bloggers who are improving their blog visibility online.

5 Best Web Hosting Options for Indian Bloggers

Best Web Hosting Options

Web Hosting Options Online

In this post, consideration is taken on the basis of the below mentioned criteria and effectiveness in using these services

    1. Help Desk and Customer Service: It is very much important to check the efficiency of help desk when you are developing your website. It is very important to have 24*7 uptime. So a web hosting provider which provides best customer care activities need to be selected.
  1. Cheap Web Hosting: Web Hosting should be cheaper, reliable and also provides us the latest Web Hosting features that are available in the market. Getting latest Web Hosting tools doesn’t mean, we will be charged 10$ per month. It doesn’t make any sense.
  2. Tenure of Web Hosting: Very important. All the Web Hosting Service providers provide upto 3 years of services with their discounted price. After 3 years, the prices will be double or more than doubled. If your website or blog is developed tremendously, you will be stuck up in a situation where you can’t change your hosting provider and also lose so much of money on the renewed Shared Hosting. Consider a web hosting provider which provides you atleast 5 years of Web Hosting services initially at the discounted rate.
  3. Reliability for Hosting: It is very important to have high reliability of your web hosting. Also you need to check the best Web Hosting Plan if you are planning two or three Add on Domains into your account. So always check for the unlimited domains Web Hosting plan initially so that you can add more domains later. For the amount you pay, check the ratings of the web hosting provider. It is very much important while selecting the web hosting provider. Read the Web Hosting Reviews from Top Indian Bloggers. I will be requesting some through this post to add their comments.
  4. Linux or Windows Hosting: Check what web hosting you actually need. Now a days all the Web Hosting providers tools such as Softaculous, PhpMyAdmin etc. Most of the Indian bloggers use Self Hosted WordPress. So suggestion is to check best Linux Web Hosting.

Taking above points into consideration, given below are the list of Top 5  Web Hosting Providers who can provide the best Shared Web Hosting services.

    1. Host Gator India: 

If you have seen it correctly, it is HostGator India. HostGator India have started their services from Karnataka, India with some of the best Web Hosting Packages. You can get 51% off on their Web Hosting Plan and you can opt for the 5 years service.

1. Reliable brand
2. Cheap Web Hosting for 5 years which is around Rs. 222 /month
3. Faster processing and since from India can have more efficient services
4. Unlimited Websites and Unlimited Bandwidth
5. Provides 5 years packages at the same discounted price
6. If you move the domain also into their account, they provide you one year free renewal.

Minus Points:
1. After 5 years, their renewal price is Rs.355 per month which is very high comparitively

You can use the banner link below and use HostGator coupon code HGTICKTOCK to get 51% off on all of their web hosting packages
HostGator Web Hosting for Indian bloggers

2.Big Rock India:

BigRock is another top Web Hosting provider in India which is fast developing. They provide you domains for Rs.99 for the first year and also their web hosting packages are cheaper. Big Rock jumped into the second position merely on their faster growth in India and many top Indian bloggers are having their hosting with BigRock.

1. Big Rock provides cheaper web hosting packages for single domain.
2. Best for Indian bloggers who are only targeting single domain hosting.
3. Efficient customer care and faster response time which is leading to 24*7 uptime
4. Prices are comparatively cheaper to other web hosting providers in India.

1. They only provide 5 years package for single domain hosting.
2. Renewal prices are high compared to WebHostingPad.

You can use the latest Big Rock Coupon codes or Latest BIGROCK Coupon Code (BRSRI20) to get 20% off on all hosting packages.
Use the banner link below and use the coupon code at checkout
Big on Hosting. Unlimited Space & Unlimited Bandwidth

3. WebHostingPad for Indian Bloggers:

WebHostingPad is one of the best cheap web hosting provider in web. They provide you a reasonable customer support. WebHostingPad is one of the best web hosting options for Indian bloggers if ordered for 5 years or more as they only charge 1.99$ per month.

WebHostingPad  Advantages:
1. They provide 5 year web hosting packages which start from Rs.125 per month for unlimited websites. I have used it for 8 years and their services are really good which made them to top 3.

2. Their renewal prices are also cheap which is around Rs.200 per month. But if you are getting HostGator for Rs.220 and that too in India, you can give a thought after 5 years.

1. Not in India
2. You need to have periodic check on your websites as they have some strict limits on usage of CPU (10%).
3. One day turn around time. This may hamper your website if you have lot of visitors.

Overall I didn’t face any issue and hence added this hosting provider into the list. You can checkout and use Webhostingpad from Banner Link Below

4. Blue Host:
BlueHost Starting Package for unlimited hosting is Rs.239 per month

Web Hosting Services Bluehost

BlueHost initially is very cheap but their renewal prices is around Rs.600 per month. So, get a three year web hosting package if you are looking for a long time enablement

This is the only concern. Many Indian bloggers have tried BlueHost as they are very much reliable. They have started their Indian operations as well which brings more efficient customer services for Indian bloggers.

5. Google Hosting:

Well, Google hosting is for those Indian bloggers who just wanted to move their webhosting to a custom domain. There will be not much they can do and not many things that are for offer.

Do share your views as well if you have any other Web Hosting Provider who can provide the best services to Indian bloggers. I really appreciate comments on this post if you find it interesting.

If you are looking for latest web hosting coupon codes for any of these hosting providers above, do contact us through the contact page and I may help you resolve queries as soon as possible. Good luck


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