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A Story of Chocolate Boy

This story is about a chocolate boy who got his name after his love for chocolates. He is one in the circle who had tried every chocolate that is in the market. Ask about any chocolate and you can enjoy the taste of the chocolate through his explanation. His love for chocolates has eventually made him the chocolate boy. But is eating chocolates good for health? Did chocolates had effect of the chocolate boy teeth.

how much chocolate did you eat!

how much chocolate did you eat! (Photo credit: Jess ☆)

This article is just an guide to keep good health and also enjoy all the tasted just as the choclate boy did for his teeth.

Chocolate boy is favorite kid for his parents, grandma and all the relatives. From childhood, he is the kid who used to enjoy games, play with parents, grandma and friends. Parents love him because he never used to cry and this may also be because he used to get what ever chocolate he wants and also listens to his parents.

His grandma used to talk the little boy for a walk and he is so clever that he used to take the coffee shop where his pre-planned choclate would be purchased by his grandmother. Even as a kid, the chocolate boy used to know about the prices of the chocolate as his papa used to teach him. The chocolate boy was so clever that he used to grasp everything his papa says.

Now the chocolate boy is in his mid 20’s. But still he has healthy teeth. In childhood, you must have heard that children who eat chocolate very much loose teeth and have gum problems. It’s not the case with the chocolate boy. He is one with the best fitness in health and also teeth. How did he manage to maintain his teeth so efficiently? Well it is due to his papa who made sure that his chocolate boy has teeth which is best and always made sure that his teeth is clean and tidy.

Here are some tips for making your teeth also as much tough as that of the chocolate boy.

1. Always remember to brush daily twice a day. This will remove all the bacteria that is stuck up between your teeth.

2. For every person, wisdom teeth are one which start to create problems. So when your wisdom teeth pains, consult doctor.

3. Whenever you have chocolates, don’t forget to clearn your teeth. This is applicable for elders who eat non veg food and junk.

4. one of the best practices if you have pain in teeth is to clean your mouth with lightly boiled salt water.

5. Consult dentist initially when you find some black spots in your teeth or gum problems. This will save your teeth.

Hope these tips from the chocolate boy will help you have strong teeth 🙂

This article is written as part of contest organized by Indiblogger and Colgate. Read more in My Healthy Speak Blog


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  1. Sweet JasmineJuly 15, 2013
    Nice article
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