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SriramRaj Blog is a personal blog of Sriram, who is a blogger, writer, social media and travel enthusiast from India.


Blogging is one of his hobbies. He started blogging with a simple blog of Google from in 2008 along with his career as software engineer. In these years, he developed his tremendous interest in writing, blogging and started sharing articles related to innovation, travel and blogging tips.

During his free time, he shares his imaginative stories, some of his experiences in personal and professional world and participating in contests.

Being a foodie and a traveler, he loves writing on some of the top tourist places he visited around the world, his favorite recipes and some of his cooking recipes which he has tried during his free time.

Being a techie, he loves writing on technology, innovation and blogging tips and tools for fellow bloggers. He loves reviewing latest technology products, Android and IOS Apps and reviews on some of the latest technology tools.

So if you have any App to review (on Android, Mac OS) or a technology application to test or engaging a contest with your readers or have some thing to share with me, please visit Sriram Raj Blog Contact Page, fill the form and he will respond to you at the earliest.

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