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Best Home Inverters powerbackup

After a long time, I am writing this article as Diwali is nearby and wanted to buy a good Home Inverter for parents. This article covers Best Home Inverters and powerbackup’s and finally how I came to conclusion to buy the inverter in Great Indian sale of Amazon.

Best Inverters for home
Buying an Inverter for Home

Things to look into for buying an inverter

When I planned to purchase inverter, I was not even having a basic knowledge about it. But finally after thorough research, I understood a 150ah tall tubular batter and Luminous Sine wave plus 1100 (around 1kv) is enough for a three bed room house.

Initially I purchased from Flipkart the trolley and 2kv inverter and trolley. After that I came to know that there are no batteries in flipkart and 2kv inverter needs two tall tubular batteries. So I had to cancel it as it is not needed to have too much for a three bed room house.

1.1kv inverter is enough for fans and bulbs in all the rooms and one tall tubular battery of 150 ah is sufficient for entire home. Amazon provides good combo’s of Home inverters which I finally came to know after through research.

Best Inverter Combos from Amazon

Below is the list of top inverter combos which you can afford for your home this Diwali. Since great Indian festival is starting, you can also get bank offers for these Inverter combos

    1. Luminous Tall Tube battery 150Ah and zelio 1100 sine wave inverter:

  1. Luminous Zelio 1100 + Rc15000 120 Ah Tubular Battery+ Trolley

  2. Exide 150 AH Battery with Zelio 1100

  3. Amaron Battery with Luminous Zelio 1100

All the above three are good enough around 15000 INR. You can choose any of the above. First and third are more popular and tall tubular batteries are now preferred more.

However you can do more research before buying and share your experience with me.



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