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Brizy WordPress Plugin Review

Brizy is one of the powerful WordPress plugins that help you to create dynamic content. This article covers information about Brizy, one of the most powerful WordPress Plugins, what can be achieved through Brizy and what additional features you get with Brizy Pro.

Brizy WordPress Plugin Features

Brizy is one of the most powerful page builder which is easily used along with your self hosted WordPress website or blog. Gone or the days where you used to create legacy WordPress pages that should align with your WordPress theme.

With the help of Brizy and its huge template database, you can create stunning WordPress pages that can easily attract customers, enhance your business visibility and placing right blocks at the right place. The most important thing about Brizy is that you don’t need to have any programming language experience to use it. If you are good in drag and drop, you are good to start with. Watch the below video on how easy it is to use Brizy.

Brizy Templates Elements

Powered by Themefuse, one of the top premium WordPress theme developers, Brizy WordPress Plugin has tons of features. Brizy templates are designed with blocks. You can add Buttons, Images, Videos, Maps, ICON Box, Text Boxes, Embed your code, Control the height and width of the rows using Brizy. All these with simple drag and drop. Isn’t it exciting? Try Brizy by simply downloading the Brizy WordPress plugin.

Brizy Pro Features

Brizy Pro Features

Brizy Pro has tons of features that can make your website creative, good looking and profitable. You have some of the best features in Brizy Pro which makes it really worth to use along with your blog

Brizy Premium Designs

Brizy Premium Designs

Brizy Pro comes up with the premium designs which you can directly integrate with your wordpress pages. Make your wordpress pages more creative using Brizy Premium Designs

Brizy Role Manager

Brizy Role Manager helps you to share Brizy depending
upon the users role in your website or blog. WIth this, you can have control on
what users with different roles can do with Brizy.

Presently Brizy Role Manager comes with three features which you can assign to your website roles.

  • No Access will not allow people to access Brizy editing of pages
  • Limited Access allows to input content wherever needed, but cannot modify the page structure
  • Full Access allows everything for a particular role user.

Brizy Pro Elements

With Brizy Pro, you can get access to below elements as per the snapshot below. Text, Buttons, ICONS, Video, Maps, Iconbox are some of the examples which can be easily embedded in your page.

Brizy Pro elements

Brizy PopUp Builder

Brizy Popup Builder

Do you have call to action buttons, pop-up banners
which you want to use along with your pages? Brizy can help you build pop up
builders which is specially designed for marketing agencies.

Third Party Integration

Brizy Third Party Integration

Another powerful feature of Brizy Pro is integration
with your favourite email marketing software’s like Aweber, Mailchimp. It is
very simple to integrate your third party integrations with Brizy.

And much more features liked AB Testing, White Label, multisite compatability makes Brizy one of the must WordPress Plugins for bloggers.

Overall, it is a very good opportunity to purchase lifetime deal of Brizy Pro.

Get Brizy now for your WordPress blog and build creative content in your blog.


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