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MI Band 4 review

MI band 4 was launched yesterday in India and I got the launch day product from Amazon. Here is the MI band 4 review after one day of usage MI band 4 India I previously purchased MI band HRX and MI band 3. So, I was eagerly waiting to give this gift to my wife […]

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My Gadgets Motorola Pulse 2 Review

After the previous gadgets of Motorola which are Moto 360 2nd Gen and Moto G5 Plus, I have decided finally to go with next gadget from Motorola which is Motorola Pulse 2. This article covers Motorola Pulse 2 Review and how it can be used with Moto 360 2nd Gen smartwatch and Moto G5 Plus. […]

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Speed of Lappy in your mobile ASUS ZenFone 2

Mobile technology is fast growing and now you have some of the best smart phones that can be lightening faster just as your laptop. With 4GB dual-channel DDR3 RAM and Intel Atom 2.3G CPU, ASUS ZenFone 2 brings you rich Internet experience and feel of the best smart phone you will ever have. This article […]

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How to set ringtone for Nexus 5

Nexus 5 is my best Android phone of all the phones which I have used. With special original Android, you will feel the real Android usage with Nexus 5. With advantages, there are some things which you need to do yourself such as setting ringtone for Nexus 5. There are only few default boring ringtones […]

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iPad mini wordpress app

This s my post from my ipad mini from wordpress app. This wonderful Mac app helps you to manage your wordpress blog or self hosted wordpress website from your iPad. To get this application, you need to search wordpress in Mac store and install it for free. Hope you would use it for your blog

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