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How to create your own personalize gifts

I was feeling really excited when I thought of writing this article. I have seen people sending out gifts for their loved ones which are already designed and carved by someone. Even though they are one of the best, there are people who love to see your efforts when passing on the gifts. In countries […]

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How to syndicate your blog to facebook and twitter

Syndication means auto posting. Most of the website owners and blog owners have their facebook accounts and also must have created facebook pages. Now it is easy to syndicated your blogs with facebook ie., when you post an article in your blog, it will appear in facebook. Interested in knowing how. Read on.. Steps to […]

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How to install Jhoomla for your site

Jhoomla and WordPress are the easiest and simplest ways to create CMS and blogs within few hours. With little programming knowledge and a good hosting provider, you can install Jhoomla for your business website or blog. Jhoomla and WordPress are the most used platforms in online web. How to Install Jhoomla Installing Jhoomla is easy […]

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