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Cloud Hosting Primer India

Cloud Hosting is one of the fast-growing hosting
technologies in the market. Small and Large businesses which have dynamic
customer base are moving to trend technologies to meet their customer needs.

After reading this article, you will get information on How Cloud Hosting Works, Cloud Hosting Advantages, information on Top Cloud Hosting Providers India such as HostingRaja and a brief overview of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.

What’s Cloud Hosting

Cloud-based Hosting is one of the cutting-edge technologies and low Capex utilities in the market today. If we talk in layman terms, Cloud Hosting Companies provide your business with hosting services from Virtual Servers spread across various places.

So, whenever your business needs increased capacity or new software or Infra Services, Cloud Hosting is there for the rescue providing you required services at the right time. This ensures a faster time to market for the competitive market today.

Cloud Hosting Services give a level of scalability that a shared hosting or dedicate hosting can’t. Cloud hosting companies provide an on-demand, as-needed basis services which is not possible for a traditional hosting provider.

How Cloud Hosting Works

Cloud Hosting works on your capacity requirements. Cloud
Hosting service providers charge their customers based on the capacity (storage
capacity, power capacity) which is used by their customers.

Cloud Hosting is like using your mobile phone. The more
calls you make, more you will be charged. So this gives a leverage to business
to use hosting services efficiently.

Cloud Hosting services like SaaS, IaaS, PaaS which we will discuss further in the article are mostly used services from small to large business organizations. Since cloud hosting is so prominent, there is enhanced security that has been developed across the cloud services.

Cloud Hosting Advantages

Given below are some of the Cloud Hosting Advantages and why you should use Cloud Hosting for your business needs


The biggest advantage for business and small business owners
is the scalability that is available in Cloud. For example, your business has a
lot of visitors when you are organizing a sale which spikes the traffic
received during a sale period.

If you are on a traditional hosting, you must pay for the
same bandwidth all the time for your website. If you cross your web hosting
limit, your websites will face downtime. This is one of the biggest advantages
in a cloud-based environment.

Another advantage is to scale your requirements when you have a sale or expecting more traffic.

Redundancy Backup

Redundancy is another big advantage in cloud hosting. With a cluster of servers, your cloud hosting provider can immediately switch to the other server if there is a server issue. This helps in reducing the downtime for your website or business.

Monitoring Analytics

Efficient Monitoring compared to shared hosting. With cloud hosting, your website has better monitoring and administration from a cloud hosting partner compared to shared hosting. This helps in faster recovery and lesser downtime for your website.

Enhanced Security

Lots of security provisions are available in cloud hosting as it is the latest and emerging technology in the market. With cloud hosting, your business has security from millions of threats, malware and virus attacks with cutting edge security solutions.

Cloud Vs Shared Vs Dedicated Server Hosting

From the Cloud Hosting advantages above, you can easily
identify how cloud hosting has a clear domination over the traditional hosting
services (Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting).

However, there is cost involved when moving to cloud hosting. Business might think of this cost, but the advantages that come from Cloud Hosting clearly brings more and more customers to go for cloud hosting.

Top Cloud Hosting Providers India

Top Cloud Hosting Providers India
Cloud Computing Concept

Cloud Hosting Services is certainly a challenging task for Cloud-Hosting service providers. Since they must provide wide range of services, it is only possible for large techies and providers who are older in the business. Let’s discuss below some of the top Cloud Hosting Websites India

HostingRaja One of the oldest and most prominently used Cloud Hosting Service provider. You can learn more of Hosting Raja Cloud Hosting Services in the link HostingRaja Cloud Hosting

Amazon Web Services: One of the recent and big name in the market. Costly, but fast emerging.

Google Cloud: Google has also started its cloud business recently.

MicroSoft Azure: Another
tech giant in cloud market

IBM Cloud: From data servers to cloud market, companies like IBM also started moving towards cloud.

Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud-based Hosting Services like Saas (Software as a Service), Paas (Platform as a service), Iaas (Infrastructure as a service) are some of the best examples of Cloud Hosting services used by business organizations.

  • SaaS (Software as a Service) is one of the most
    used Cloud Hosting service by business organizations which need dynamical
    software requirements.

    • With Saas, you will have your requirements for
      specific version of software and for a definite amount of time.  
    • With SaaS, you don’t need infrastructure to run
      the software’s locally. All the SaaS software’s can be run on the cloud and
      give you the desired results.
    • Any software upgrades, maintenance and updates
      are managed by the cloud hosting provider depending on your requirements. So
      you don’t have the burden to manage these software’s.
  • PaaS (Platform as a Service) is another most
    used cloud hosting service which is used by business organizations that needs
    their tools or products tested on various platforms.

    • Since Cloud Hosting partners provide services on
      various platforms based on your business requirements, it is very easy for
      organizations to get their requirements fulfilled through PaaS.
    • Most of the PaaS requirement come for business
      which develop tools that support on various platforms. Instead of purchasing
      each platform, PaaS reduces their time to market by providing the required
  • IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is one of the
    top Cloud Hosting Services which is in use today.   

    • Especially for startups, IaaS is predominantly
      used because it allows to start operations with minimum operational and
      infrastructure costs.
    • For large businesses which need Analytics
      support which requires larger storage space or clusters of servers, IaaS is the
      best fit. IaaS helps in managing your analytics by giving you infrastructure
      with what is termed as IaaS clients.
    • With help of IaaS clients, you are virtually
      using a dedicated server requirement but with no maintenance. Everything in the
      cloud is taken care by the service provider.

We will learn more detail with examples of how Cloud Hosting benefits your business in coming articles and why it is the best time to start Cloud Hosting.

Hope you have understood basic information about Cloud Hosting and how Cloud hosting will be useful for future.


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