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Cruise Journey to StockHolm

Stockholm is capital of Sweden and one of the favorite places I always loved to visit. Finally, I had the chance to visit Stockholm during my business visit to Helsinki. This article covers the fun activities during Cruise Journey Stockholm Trip

Trip to Stockholm

Trip to Stockholm

Cruise Journey Stockholm Trip

I have shared my experience of this complete trip in article Cruise Journey Stockholm Trip. It was a 3 day trip to Stockholm when we started last Friday at Helsinki in the cruise with 4 of my friends.

On Friday night we got on the cruise which was a 10-hour journey in Cruise to Stockholm. Even though there was a cruise from Turku for less time, we thought of spending more time in the cruise and enjoy the atmosphere in the Cruise.

It was a lifetime experience with people interacting with you, learning about their jobs and how they have their holidays spent. Finnish people are calm and very helpful. We got to know this when some of us introduced themselves to us in the ship.


It is one of the life experience to travel in a huge cruise. There are people from Helsinki, Tampere, and Sweden traveling in the ship. They were quite friendly and helpful. I have written the full article about my trip in Travels Tips.

I have uploaded the Cruise photos in Flickr. Here is the StockHolm Cruise Journey Photos You can read my full article in Travels Tips with the link StockHolm Cruise Journey.

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It is one journey I will remember for a long time.


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  2. ArtiMay 2, 2012
    Wonderful… Wish to experience it all someday!
    • sriramMay 9, 2012
      Thanks for the comment Arti. Its one of the memorable experiences you would love to cherish
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