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My First Dental Implant in Vizag Review

This article is about all my experiences with the recent dental implant Vizag I have gone through and experiences of having dental implant. With the help of good reviews online, I was able to find best Dental implant doctor in Vizag who gave me full information related to the implant.

What is Dental Implant
Dental Implant in Vizag
Many people reading this post might not be aware of Dental Implant and why it is required? To those readers, Dental Implant is one of the techniques of having a titanium dental transplant at the place of your original tooth which might have been damaged or broken. Dental implant is one of the latest technologies which is available in all major cities. I had my recent dental implant in Vizag as my tooth cap which was placed as part of root canal treatment got broken during a heavy bit.

When is Dental Implant required?
This is actually a tricky question. Most of people in India including me neglect dental problems in early stage of our career. I was one of them who used to eat lot of chocolates and neglected one of the teeth which got damaged. It was due to lot of food that was accumulated due to improper food cleaning. By the time I have visited the dental doctor due to lot of pain, it got half damaged and had no other option but to have a root canal treatment for the teeth. It was three years before when this happened.

If root canal treatment is done, you must be ready for spending hundreds of rupees. Either it will be for Crown getting lose or cap getting broken. Even though doctors say Crown has warranty, it will be very costly if you don’t exactly have the price and the material. I was fooled for the crown and paid around Rs.5000 for Zirconia material. But it was not Zirconia material which was confirmed when I visited this dental doctor where I had the implant placed. And the crown was placed a little wrong which infected the tooth next to it. Fortunately, it was not damaged so much that it had to go for a root canal treatment.

My First Dental Implant in Vizag experience
So when the tooth got broken, I had no other option but to get a replacement as it was one of my back teeth (Posterior teeth) which was the main one to chew food. I visited a doctor near to my house in Bangalore and the price which he shared was very high. I was also not sure about the material he would use for the implant as I have very bad experiences in the past about the material.

So, I enquired about the cost and visited dental doctor in Vizag. This dental doctor was very helpful and clarified all my doubts about dental implant and steps that are required for dental implant. To have a dental implant, it is mandatory to have a dental xray which charges about Rs.500 in Vizag. Dental X-ray gives an idea to doctors about the size of the implant and whether the implant will be successful or not depending on teeth strength around.

Doctor shared all the details and steps of the dental implant and asked me to get the Dental Xray. Once I got the Dental Xray, he checked and confirmed that it is possible to have a Dental Implant. He calculated the size and removed the broken teeth. He then placed the Dental Implant on the same day of tooth extraction. It was a little painful for a couple of days, but after that slowly I was able to eat from the side where I had dental implant. I could easily say from the experiences that I have read through web that this doctor Mr.Ashok was one of the best for dental implant in Vizag.

Dental Implant Vizag prices are extremely varying. Without a proper knowledge of material and warranty, don’t go for any doctor. I would recommend reading reviews and also through articles in web. Dental Implant prices vary with the position of the teeth and also the material. Dental Implant Vizag price varies from Rs.10000 to Rs.1,00,000. So if you don’t have full knowledge, you will end up spending more.

If you are looking for best dental implant in Vizag, you can give a visit to this doctor. I have added the location of the place below.
Dental Implant Vizag

You can search with “Spv Dental Hospital and Implant center” and doctor name was Mr.Ashok. I had a very good dental implant experience


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