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Happy Gharwali Diwali 2014

Diwali is one of the top festivals celebrated in all parts of India. It is one of the biggest festivals
celebrated with lots of crackers and lighting. Diwali has always been the special ocassion to me. I have been a day scholar all through my studies with my friends who are hostelites used to come to my house for Diwali. Right from my childhood till I finished my MCA, Diwali and Sankranthi were the most enjoyed festivals which were celebrated with my parents and relatives.

Diwali has a special occasion in my house because my father prepares for me and my friend’s special flower pots by bringing all the material. During my childhood, we used to be a joint family and all my relatives used to stay at the same place. So on the week of Diwali, all children used to enjoy the crackers and lighting. I always cherish those child hood days where all my cousins used to enjoy together with the crackers. Especially the guns and the rounds were started one week before Diwali. Some of the funniest things were the seema patakayalu (in Telugu) which are one type of crackers. Most of my pocket money used to go in buying these crackers and lighting them with Agarbattis.

After my college, my father started bringing the material to prepare flower pots. These flower pots used to last for 20 to 25 seconds and not unlike the one which we get for 5 seconds. We used to prepare and stuff the flower pots with the material. In my degree and post graduation, we became the experts in preparing these.

On the Diwali day, with new dresses and festival food, our house used to be one of the busiest places with lot of fun and enjoyment. With lot of Diya’s and lighting, Diwali used to bring festive occasion in my house every year.
And on the Diwali day after the Lakshmi Pooja, all our friends used to enjoy with fireworks after some of the festival dishes prepared by my mother. This is till 5 years back as I have to come to Delhi for work and it was only once I had the chance to visit my hometown during Diwali due to travelling around the world for places like Vietnam, South Korea where I enjoyed moments with friends.


But GharWaliDiwali is always the Diwali I cherish because I have my entire family waiting for me to spend time with them. I had flight yesterday to Vizag but due to the HudHud devastation, all the flights are rescheduled. I am lucky enough to get my flight rescheduled one day before Diwali when the Vizag flights starts operating.
Visakhapatnam is a wonderful place and no HudHud can stop it from celebrations. We will rock the celebrations in Vizag. And for all my friends and well wishers, wish you a Happy Diwali and Happy Gharwali Diwali.
I am writing this article as part of Indiblogger and gharwali Diwali contest from Pepsi. Share your best moments and stories of Diwali at the link and win exciting prizes.

I have the perfect gift for my mother this Diwali which I have added below.



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