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Internet with my 3G phone

Internet has become a part of my life in the past three years.  In simple words, I became addicted to it. Chatting, Mailing, Spending time in face book, reading articles and playing internet games have become my daily hobbies. Previously it was my Laptop which was with me most of the time and it is now my sweet Samsung galaxy that gives me entertainment with the latest 3G Vodafone.

Until one year before, I only used to spend 2 to 3 hours for my hobbies until I purchased by Samsung Galaxy last year. It was one among the 3 Samsung phone launched with Android. Previously I used to have the old Nokia phone which was only used for listening songs.

Samsung phone brought me into the latest technology world with wide range of features.  Internet which was fun through my Sony Laptop is now a fun with mobile as well. With 3G there are lot of advantages. Mobile Internet has changed drastically in the past 3 months.

Article writing is my hobby and I love writing on whatever topic I like. I have a habit of subscribing to my favorite bloggers. Even though I don’t comment much, I love reading articles whenever I feel bored or tired in office. It is really thrilling to read articles written on various topics and by experts.  And with cheaper data plans from my mobile operator Vodafone, I can use internet even during my travel.

Now no need to call to friends to know the score, I created shortcuts to my favorite websites and with a single click, I can reach anywhere in the Internet I want. Now my friends are not angry with me anymore. I am always online on chat with my friends on fring or skype except in my office meetings where I have to switch of f my cell phone. It is so simple to start a video chat with fun. A button click shares my clicks in facebook and twitter and just enjoy comments from friends for my funny clicks

3G services provided by Vodafone are awesome. And they also provide the fun and games which you must have seen ads in between the IPL games.  With Vodafone, m y Internet is fun. You can also know more about it in


Overall I am now enjoying the Internet life with my 3G phone..


Hi, I am Sriram Blogger, Software Engineer and a photography fan. Blogging is my hobby and I love sharing writing articles on various topics which are useful

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  1. NikitaMay 10, 2012
    I use my phone to blog too :). Nice post
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