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Cooking Diaries Making of Yummy Sprout Dosa

Sprout Dosa, also called as “pesarattu” is one of the famous dishes of South India. As Sprouts are one of the best sources of diet, this dish preparation would excite many people from different parts of India as it is easy to prepare and yummy to eat.

Ingredients for Sprout Dosa

Given below are the ingredients for Sprout Dosa

1. Cup Full of Sprouts
2. Half Cup of Rice
3. 25 gm Jeera
4. Few Green Chillies to make dosa spicy
5. Small pieces of Ginger
6. Two pieces of Onion

Steps for preparing Sprout Dosa

Sprout Dosa is one of the easiest dish to prepare if you are trying dosa for first time and have couple of hours time. It is one of the best dishes for a small evening party or for a gathering. Given below are the steps.

1. You need to add Sprouts in dish and immerse them in water for two to three hours.

2. Also Add Rice in another dish or you can mix both of them in same dish. Best combination is Sprouts and Rice in ratio of 2:1.

3. After three hours, grind the Sprouts and Rice in Mixer to get the blatter prepared.

4. Once Blatter is prepared, it is time to prepare your first Sprout Dosa on the dosa plan.

5. Add Onion, Jeera and Ginger as toppings on one side of dosa.

6. With pickle or Ginger chutney or Ground nut chutney, Sprout Dosa is ready.

Hope you love the taste of this lovely dish and share your experiences.

Sprout Dosa is one of the awesome combination with Upma, one of the traditional foods of southern part of India. This Sprout Dosa is also famous and very heavy. Ideal for breakfasts, you will find this dish in many parts of Andhra, Karnataka and Tamilnadu.

I am writing this article as part of contest held by Indiblogger and Borosil. Hope you prepare and like this dish



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