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New Year Resolutions 2020

Wish all my friends, readers and subscribers a very happy new year 2020. This article covers my new year resolutions for 2020.

My New Year Resolutions 2020

This new year I wanted to have resolutions which are measurable, which I can achieve over short and long term.

  1. My first resolution is on health. I want to get fit and get fat burning again. I took tough resolution this time of avoiding tea, pickles and biscuits completely. It would be tough as I have minimum four milk tea regularly but will move away to lemon or green tea. I will decrease eating dairy products from thrice a week to once a week. A strict no to junk food. From five days a week to two days a week will be initial target which later down the year will be one day per week. I have decreased a lot for chocolates and desserts and will further decrease this year.
  2. For career related stuff, I will target two new technologies, AI and ML. Concentration will be on automation, certifications.
  3. Will travel one foreign country at least
  4. I will contribute 25 article series to blogging, 25 article series to earning money and 25articles related to my travel.


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