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Relishing beautiful childhood days

When I heard about the contest from Dove about the childhood days, it was the time when I thought i should participate in the contest.

About my childhood days, as I am from South India, I used to love going school enjoying my school days. I used to have a lot of friends and we used to enjoy a lot. In south, most of the girls have long hair touching their legs and having the most beautiful pony tails.

I should say about my sister’s beautiful hair which is long and lovely. Every weekend, when we used to enjoy playing games, my sister and her friends used to safe guard their beautiful hair. In those days, there were very less hair protection and hair therapies in India. So Shikakai and Eggs should be the major protective hair mechanism for girls.

If there used to be a function or party, it is the time when the girls used to be the prettiest looking in the parties. With beautiful Flower added Braids, they used to be the main charm in the parties. With pony tails and beautiful voice, they used to sing songs, perform traditional bharat natyam and kuchupudi dances. You can say, days used to move very fast in those days even though there were not so many theatres, movies or tv channels.

In festivals, it used to be a get together of families sharing their favorite food items. How great it would be, if a time machine is being invented and we rejunivate those child hood days again.

I have written this article as part of contest organized by Indiblogger and Dove Split End Rescue System.


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