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Top Blog Advertising Websites

This is the second article of Blog Earning Series which shares multiple ways to earn money online Blogging. In this article, we write about top Blog Advertising Websites that help bloggers to earn money online through blog advertising.

What is Blog Advertising

Blog Advertising is one of the most used methods for earning money online blogging. If you have a blog or website with rich content, you can apply for some of the top blog advertising sites which can help you to earn additional income. There are some top blog advertising websites like Adsense which have a tie-up with advertisers from all around the world. Read our article on Quick Adsense Approval Tips if you don’t have an approved Adsense account yet.

Given below is the list of top Blog Advertising sites that are mostly used by top bloggers.

Top Blog Advertising Websites for bloggers

Given below are some of the top blog advertising websites for bloggers. They are the starting point for bloggers to earn money blogging.

Adsense is the best and the topmost used blog advertising websites all around the world. If you have an approved Adsense account and have good page views for your blog, there is no point in using the below-mentioned websites.  You can earn money from Adsense by going through our article Best Adsense Tips


Bidvertiser is one of the top blog advertising sites that is often used when bloggers don’t have approved Adsense account. They pay well if you have good page views.

Monetize your Website or Blog with BidVertiser

Watch more on earning money from my blog in the coming articles.


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