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Why Freelancer is best for freelance jobs

Freelancer is one among the top Freelancing sites in web which is used by millions of freelancers all around the world. Just like Facebook is for social media, Freelancer is for freelancers. Most of the freelancers world wide use Freelancer as one of the primary site for getting introduced with clients world wide. And since Freelancer has a wonderful payment mechanism and support, freelancers trust Freelancer for getting payment for their efforts. Just read on what Freelancer is, how you can get projects from Freelancer and how you earn money online from home doing Freelancing through Freelancer.

What is Freelancer site about

Freelancer is a website which provides information about Freelance Jobs for work from home job seekers from all over the world. Advertisers from all over the world use Freelancer to search employees for their jobs. In Freelancer, there are not only part time jobs but also full time jobs. Joining freelancer is free. You can Join Freelancer with the link given below.
Freelance Jobs

Join Freelancer and see how generally projects are and how much they pay for the projects doing freelancing. As it is free to join, you can join and give it a try. Especially for writers, designers and software programmers, Freelancer is a dollar paradise.

How to start Freelancing using freelancer

It is simple to get started using Freelancer. For first time users, follow the steps given below

1. There is a banner link above. Join by clicking the banner. You will be redirected to the joining form. Fill the form and confirm your email address. Give a valid email address. Unless your email address is confirmed, you will not be able to start using Freelancer. You can also join through Facebook which is the easiest way to get started.

2. Once your joining formalities are completed, you are in freelancer, one of the top freelance jobs market place. There are hundreds of jobs in every category (also called niche). First thing you have to do is to complete your profile. Fill all the information regarding your skills in the profile, fill your paypal address. Don’t know about Paypal, then here is short description. Paypal is like an online bank account. You can register to paypal at It is free. Once you register, you have to link your credit card or bank account to it. Don’t worry as it is most reliable online bank account. Once you are done, you are ready to earn from top Freelance Job sites. If you have any queries related to joining  either of this two, fill contact form and we can help you.

3. Once your profile is complete, third step is to find the best jobs that match your skills. I will explain you by example. Suppose you are looking for writing jobs, there are various categories in Writing such as Blog writing, Technical Writing, Essay Writing etc. You must be skilled in any of these. For the initial days, always select jobs that exactly match your skills.

4. Once you got to right category, start bidding on projects. For every project you have the button bid on the project. Advertiser gives the range of amount that he or she can afford for that project. Bid in such a way that advertiser and you are satisfied with bid.

5. Start doing projects, build credibility and you are one among the top Freelancers to earn from Freelancer.

Important Tips to earn from Freelancer

Freelancer is no doubt the best website for freelancing. I have seen many friends earning a lot. I also saw some loosing money doing simple mistakes. Please read the below mentioned tips carefully as they will help you a lot.

1. Don’t contact the advertisers directly and don’t do direct dealings with advertisers. There are many advertisers who pay for first project, get in touch with freelancers directly and skip money for their next projects if they do directly. Freelancer has no control over these advertisers if you do directly.

2. Accept projects only after it is approved in Freelancer. Once milestone payment is done, you can start working on the project. Don’t give away your code or writing before it is approved in Freelancer. This is common mistake done by freshers in Freelancer.

3. There is also premium membership in Freelancer. For freshers, I initially suggest to go for free membership. Once you have two to three projects in hand, then go for premium membership. It will decrease your project fees. But don’t just run away from initial days.

4. Build credibility in Freelancer. It is one of the important part in your career. Advertisers like freelancers who have good credibility.  Don’t go for cheaper prices just to increase credibility. Maintain your dignity.

Start using freelancer and earn money online freelancing. share your experiences with us.

Freelance Jobs


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  1. rachana agarwalDecember 18, 2011
    Hi Raj, Thanks for this post….really it is good for jobseeker and others who wants to earn more money. I will definitely tell to my friends about this. thanks
  2. MalokMadingDecember 24, 2011
    Hello Raj, I got an opportunity sometime back to register with this site but within a short period of my time with it, they just disable my account of a reason unknown to me upto now. Though it’s a good site, I can’t understand why I am unable to access my account. I might in the future join it but it had made me furious. Otherwise, it’s great finding your blog my friend. Currently, I use other sites to get some extra $$$ which I am happy of. Your blog is splendid. Stay bless.
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