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WorkFromHome Accessories

With lockdown in place, there is very much necessity to have all WorkFromHome Accessories to perform your day to day activity. Below are the list of items which I have chosen to purchase during Flipkart Independence sale and Amazon sale. These deals are good and worth a purchase

Best Ergonomic Chair

Alternative Ergonomic Chairs from Featherlite in Amazon which I liked

Another one from Flipkart which one of my friends had purchased

Best Laptop Wifi Power Backup

Laptop and Wifi UPS is necessary for regular WorkFromHome usage. So this has backup support upto 30 minutes  with two monitors and laptop. So decided to go with it

Compact Movable Study Table

I was looking for a compact study and laptop table which fits my monitor when needed and also conserves less space. I had to research much on this as there are very less options for Study Tables with wheels. Finally I had to go with Nilkamal study table

Best Headphones for calls

For ones who are taking too many calls and office providing you an opportunity to buy a good headset, this is the best recommendation.

Since I have few meetings daily, I went for a normal purchase of headphones with noise cancellation


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