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Summer vacation in beach weathers

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Like every year, this year I took a summer vacation to my hometown Vizag, to spend time with my family and friends. This time summers were really hot with temperatures reaching 40’s. But you can enjoy the summers in the afternoon and enjoy the beach climate with friends. I really loved spending time in the evenings with Vizag beaches, which are cleaner and better than before.

Morning Walks

RK Beach Vizag

RK Beach Vizag

I enjoyed my trip last week to vizag and still cherish the last week morning walks with my dad and friends. With fresh air and rising sun, you would definitely love to spend your hot summers in my hometown.

I love my hometown and the beautiful beaches. It is the best place for my vacation spending time with my parents and friends.

Rising sun.. Cool Breeze… Flying Birds.. Beautiful Waves of water… I love the time of my vacation. The one week of vacation brings me full refreshment.

In south, you will have the chance to enjoy the sweet coconut water in the mornings. Daily 5 coconuts i used to drink in the mornings. It is something you should never miss in the summers after your morning walk.

Lovely Evenings

I have good number of friends and we plan for our vacations as we settled in different parts of the country. We enjoy the beautiful evenings in the beaches especially the bath with the big tides in the beaches.

What else can you ask from an vacation.. Just take a few day break and visit the beautiful Indian beaches this summer.

Take proper protections from Sunlight and enjoy the beautiful summers.


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  1. ashreyamomMay 22, 2012
    hi.. nice post.. but was just wondering where did Kyra go??
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