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Time to Change Blogging Contest in Indiblogger

Time for another interesting contest in Indiblogger. This time it is the time to change contest from Indiblogger. Indiblogger along with StayFree who are the sponsors for this contest are bringing this contest to bring ideas that help you to Change your surroundings.

What Time To Change Blogging Contest is about

Blogging Contests from Indiblogger

Blogging Contests from Indiblogger

Time to Change Contest is looking for ideas from bloggers in India about some of the best ways to change the world around you.

Indiblogger is a place where creative bloggers from India meet and share their latest articles and views.


Share your ideas of how you want to change or innovate the world around you. There are some really cool prizes to be won. I have shared my article on 5 Tips to Innovate world around us. Do share your comments on my article as well.

This Contest closes on 10th April 2012.


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