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Bringing back the touch for your love

India is growing fast and also the western tradition is slowly getting into Indians.

India is a country with different cultures and traditions. It is one of the top countries where marriages lost longer and relations are very heavily bonded.

Indian Marriages are very popular all over the world. It has significant importance and people are bound to marriage. We seldom see any marriages being broken. Its because of the love and sense of responsibility of Indians for their partners and loved ones.

Indians are known for longer relationships and people love and cherish their relationships. Marriage is one relation that binds husband and wife together. But how they maintain the magic between them is through the feelings of love and care.

I have seen many families in India from rich to poor enjoying outings as a family. Periodic outings bring back love and care among families. Especially the sense of touch brings in happiness in their family once again. In India we have lot of festivals and celebrations happening over the year. These festivals are one way of getting together with your loved ones and share your feelings with them.

Many of the armed forces leave away from their families. There is only little amount of time they have to spend time with their families. Not only the armed forces, people move to different cities in search of job and for them, these moments are always special when they have the chance to get in touch with their family. When they come back to their family, the touch of their loved ones make them forget all the sorrows and brings them happiness.

If you are staying with your family and have chance to earn along with simple life, you should treat yourself lucky to have so many loved ones around and having the touch of care in your life.

Hope you agree with me on the love and happiness of families and Indian Marriages. Read more about bringing back the touch at and share your thoughts in social media with hash tag #BringBackTheTouch


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