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Earn Work from Home Freely with Squidoo

If you are seeing through the title of this article, I have added words “Earn from Home” “Work from Home” “Free Work from Home” because, these are what people are looking for. Squidoo is a website where you need not pay any money and earn money every month through writing, sharing your product information via Squidoo. This article briefs you on how to earn from Squidoo working from home.

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1) What is Squidoo?

Earn Money Online with Squidoo

Earn from Squidoo

Squidoo is one of the websites that allow new and experienced article writers to write articles. If writing is your hobby, You can spend your leisure time writing articles in squidoo and sharing them with your network. Squidoo shares revenue with the writers. This is the first and foremost way of earning money from squidoo. Remember one thing, higher is your content quality, higher is the chance to earn from Squidoo. There are also other ways to earn from Squidoo which I will tell in this article further.

For beginners who want to earn from web and have knowledge of English and have basic writing skills, I suggest Squidoo to begin with.

2) How to earn work from home with Squidoo?

If you are writing in squidoo, you don’t need to go anywhere. What all you need is a computer, grip on a high content niche (topic), write unique and interesting articles, share them in your network and earn money.

There are many ways to earn from Squidoo by writing interesting content. When you write high quality content, you have chance to earn money from those articles. There are different revenue generation streams in Squidoo which help you to share revenue. Remember that you and squidoo are both getting benefitted here. Squidoo is only sharing some revenue from the articles you write. So once you finish having some experience, have your own website.

Different Revenue streams are

a. Squidoo Earning through Google Adsense:
Google Adsense is one of the top revenue generating sources for Squidoo lens masters. Based on your lens rankings, your lens is categorized into different grades. Lens masters earn money when readers click on the Ads in your Lens.

For Example, you will see Google Ads around in this lens at the top and also in the sidebar. If you find any Google Ad useful and Click on that Ad, you earn good money from your lens.

b. Squidoo Earning from Infolink Ads:

Infolinks Ads are another revenue generating medium for squidoo earning. Infolink Ads are text link Ads which pop up for certain keywords. If you have good keyword density articles which have higher CPC, you earn more.

c. Squidoo Earning from Amazon and Ebay:

When you write articles, you can add Amazon and Ebay products also in the articles (lenses in squidoo). If anyone based on your review of those Amazon and Ebay products buy articles from your lenses, you earn money

d. Squidoo Earning from Zazzle:

Zazzle is another website where you can design cups, dresses etc and showcase your skills of design for free. When anyone favorites your design and buy a product, you earn money.

3. How much do you earn from Squidoo

Now the real question? How much do you earn. It all depends on your network, your quality of content and skills. If you have big network in developed countries and take your guidance, then you earn huge. There are people who earn 1$ a month to 5000$ a month.

These are some of the ways to earn from Squidoo. Share your experiences of earning from Squidoo by adding a comment.

If you have not yet joined Squidoo, Joining Squidoo is free. Given below is joining link

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