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My Family biggest asset

For Indians, family is one of the most important part of their life. For me, Family is not only important but also biggest asset of my life. I love spending every moment with my parents and sister as they have given me a right direction for getting into a successful career.

Every family have troubles, dreams and aspirations. My parents always tried to give everything I ask which is needful and used to give extra effort for getting me what I wanted. One of the most important they thought me is respect. Many kids feel that parents control them, but each thing they teach us in childhood is very useful in our life. I love my grandmother the most as she used to be always with me even though she had many grand daughters and son’s.

My sister is my biggest Asset. She would be one of the best intellectual India would ever have and she would prove it. Even though she qualified for NET, she wants to get into the top government jobs and serve country. She is my best friend ever giving me best guidance when I need it and giving some useful suggestions that help me decide on the next steps.

After seeing Dangal movie, every Indian should understand the importance of girls in their family. They shouldn’t be stuck to kitchens and leave their studies for no use. Their ambitions, goals should be given a priority and should be given an opportunity to prove their worthiness.

It’s a different thought process for girls in our elder’s age. Girls were only limited to kitchens. But era has changed. There are some top intellects who have come through and proved themselves in different fields.

I would love seeing my sister coming up with flying colors and make our family proud. I am very happy that she has a goal and she is striving for a goal and he see’s a future in what she is doing.

My parents are our biggest asset. They not only help me and my parents in studies, career but gave us a path to choose best companion for our future.

I felt to share these feelings on Christmas day when I had a time to write after a long time.
If you feel your family is biggest asset, do share your views and comments


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