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Innovation in Farming for Indian Economy growth

India is one of the top countries for outsourcing software professionals. There are thousands of engineers from India that are outsourced or working for clients abroad. We have another popular sector where we have tremendous popularity i.e., farmers. Farmers are heart of Indian economy. But are there any social NGO’s that are available for farmers? Are there any steps taken by government for benefitting farmers? How to improve the growth of farmers in our society?

India is one of the top countries which has good amount of cultivated land. There is major portion of our country which is dependent on farming. Well this article is one of the ideas for all the state governments which can improve the growth of farmers and encourage farmers for helping us improving our Indian economy.

Ideas for Farmer Growth in India

Agricultural Insurance: Many farmers are not aware of this type of Insurance. Agricultural insurance helps farmers from protecting their crops against natural calamities. For farmers, check this website Aic of India for more information

 Farmer Markets: It is very important for farmers to get right value for their crops. In most parts of India, farmers don’t even get the breakeven price for their crops. It is important for state and central governments in India to encourage farmer markets and provide more facilities for the farmers. Like in Andhrapradesh where farmers are provided markets to sell their crops. This brings benefit to the people as well as the farmers. Farmer markets which are also known as “Raitu Bazaar” in Andhra Pradesh was a great success.

Advanced Farming Tools: If you see people outside India, there are many who are interested in farming after higher education. There are sophisticated and advanced tools used by these in farming by these countries. Governments in these countries provide those tools for the farmers. If such is the case, being an advanced farming country, why can’t our government provide these tools for the farmers? Have any one thought about this? Most of the time government plan on providing free current, interest free loans. Why not think in this side?

 Farmer Education: I see many engineering and medical colleges have come up in recent years. Many scholarships and loans are provided by government for education. Many have come up in news. But I never heard about any farmer education programs bringing more enlightenment in farmers in improving the latest farming strategies. May be there are some steps taken by government, but farmers are not aware of. It would be great if government provide this information regularly to farmers and make them identify through print and television media.

If many are worried about Indian economy going down, why are you not worried about farmers who are the strength of your economy? I personally feel, farmers will play the major role in the growth of Indian economy. If our government and political parties keep politics and rajneethi a side and concentrate in growth of our farmers, we can see a green India and a powerful India within few years from now.

I am writing this article to share my views on improving our indian economy and as a social cause which was started by Indiblogger as part of Indi Change iDiya Contest


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  1. desi TravelerApril 10, 2013
    If we can work on only 2 things
    a) Water resource management
    b) Processing of the perishable produce so that it is not wasted our agriculture will be 30% more productive without any major investment. Unfortunately the focus is not on these two.
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