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WeChat Top Smart Phone Application Imaginative List

Wechat is one of the emerging and fast trending voice chat Application in smart phones. With the popularity of online chat and smart phones, Chat Applications are receiving tremendous popularity in recent years. WeChat is one of the famous Applications which is downloaded by thousands of customers every day. This article is just a creative inspiration of talking with a few of the inspiring and great people by preparing imaginative list in WeChat.

WeChat in Smart Phones


WeChat is getting popular everyday and is becoming one of the fast growing chat and voice application in recent years. WeChat is now available in Google store where you can download it for free for your Android smart phones. I have tried in my smart phone and it is one of the interesting Android Apps that I have downloaded recently. Being a App Freak, I love using various Apps and this has become one of my favorite applications in short time.

Here are 5 of my favorites who will be in my imaginative WeChat List.

Mahatma Gandhi:


Mahatma Gandhi is one of my favorite freedom fighters of India. I love his concept of non-violence. I would definitely love to chat and seek his advice for making India reach its past glory and fame.

Albert Einstein:


Albert Einstein, the great physicist is one of the other who is in my imaginative list of chatting with WeChat. He was one of the giant pillars of modern physics and best known for his mass-energy equivalence formula. It would be great to have chat with such a great physicist and know about the idea how he was able to reach this equation in those days.

Lord Buddha:


Lord Buddha is one of the top in my imaginative chat list of WeChat. One of the great scholars of all time, it would be dream come true to hear and learn from the great Lord.

Michael Jackson:


Micheal Jackson is the other one who would be in my imaginative WeChat List. Chatting with the great dancers of all times will indeed be one of the best moments anyone would love to cherish.

Master Robot:


With the advancements of technology, robots will play a major role in the future of the world. I would love to chat with the future most powerful robot through WeChat.

These are the 5 Imaginative people whom I would love to chat through WeChat. Even though there are many more in the list, the list will go on and on.


As of now, I have good number of friends in my WeChat List and I am loving it. Try the WeChat App in your smart phone too and you can chat with me through your smart phone.

This article is written as part of contest organized by Indiblogger and WeChat. For more information on WeChat, you can go through WeChat’s Youtube Channel.

Photos are taken during my trip to Seoul South Korea in Wax Museum in Building 63.


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