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A Weekend Bachelor Gourmet Party

I still remember the moments when I just joined company, away from parents for the first time in my life and don’t have any idea about Cooking. I feared how I will survive without knowing cooking. Even though there are many Paying Guest Accommodations around, it was very difficult for bachelors who don’t know cooking. Now after 4 years of job life and traveling various countries, I am an expert cook in our bachelor’s team. We now celebrate Bachelor Gourmet parties in the weekends with wide variety of dishes.

Thanks to my foreign trips and my best buddies, I was able to learn cooking when I traveled onsite. Being a vegetarian in the early foreign trips (Now started eating non veg), I had no other option but to cook in countries like Vietnam where you mostly get sea food. So I had no other option but to cook myself. In the beginning it was difficult, but with the Ready to dine and masala mixes of top brands like Kitchens of India, it was easy going and within few days I was an expert cook in our team.

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Once I returned back India, our friends in Delhi started celebrating Gourmet parties every month on one of the weekends. We are 8 bachelors and we used to enjoy wide range of dishes. Out of these 8, three were vegetarians. So our Gourmet party is a combination of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Dishes.

Two of my friends are expert in preparing Chicken, Prawns and Fish. So mostly we used to have Chicken Biryani and Fish Fry. This used to accompany with Raita, Pakoda, Papad, Salad. This is our gourmet party for Non-Vegetarians. We used to get the Masala mixes which make us feel the taste of the top five star hotels. Seriously speaking, our friends are no less than master chef’s (but the funniest thing is all of us are software engineers J)

Vegetarians used to have Pulihora, famous south Indian dish also called Lemon or Tamarind rice in North. Along with it, we used to have Paneer, Plain Rice, Arhar Dal, Aloo Fry and Curd. In summers we used to have the watermelons, Lassi and Lemon Juice as final touches to our parties. And in winters, Chai and Pakoda or Gulab Jamun used to be the final phase in our parties.


These are the parties I ever remember in my life. Learning cooking is one of the important achievements in my life. Now I don’t fear to go anywhere and stay because I have the skills to fight in any climate. From 48 to 50 degrees in Delhi to -40 in Finland, I still cherish the moments of our parties in the extreme climates. I specially cherish the barbeque parties and Gourmet parties with Indians in Vietnam. Some of the favorite dishes which I tasted in Vietnam in weekend Gourmet Parties are memorized through pictures





Hope you also have something to share regarding your Gourmet parties. Why not share your party with us in the contest held by Indiblogger and Kitchens of India.


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  1. My SayJune 4, 2013
    wow !! reminded me of my days in Mumbai renting a 2 bhk with 5 house-mates ! 🙂
    lovely post and very nice picture starting with pakoras
    Even I learnt cooking during these times as there was no other choice … affording food from outside everyday was uneconomical and unhealthy too
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