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Innovation in Cloud Technologies

Technology has changed the software and hardware usage in the web today. With high capacity servers and Data Centres providing world class services, Cloud Based Technology has reached peaks. Cloud Technology is one of the best innovations in the modern day world.

Cloud Technology Trends

Lets talk about few changes Cloud based technology has done. I was talking to one of my friend who works in a small software company. Recently there company has started using cloud based technology for their development. All the development environment of their software is now in the cloud. It is really surprising how the cloud technologies have been developed with enhanced security, backup and High Availability services. So for companies who want to have a start-up, now it a cakewalk.


Talking about the cloud storage, most of the data is now in Microsoft Cloud, Google drive and many other software’s which provides space in the cloud. In coming years, most of the technologies will be moved to the cloud.

Recent Cloud Development Trends
So let me give a brief development which our software company has developed in the recent months for which I had to travel USA. We developed CLOUD BASED EPC solution for one of our client for LTE networks. EPC is one of the core network element in LTE networks. We divided EPC component into two and control part of EPC is now in Cloud which is operational from one country while data component of EPC is in another country.

So in simple terms, by using cloud we could provide services to a country where there are no LTE services but have data centres. For people who have no idea of data centres, these are the places where you have huge servers located and provide 24*7 services with their network spread all over the world.

Given below is what we have done with cloud in LTE


Image Source: 321Action

Looking forward for a huge innovation in cloud based computing in coming days and love to be part of it. I will be sharing more here about Cloud Based Computing and other innovations around which I came across. Do share your Cloud solution as well. I would love to hear more of this technology innovation.

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  1. JohnSeptember 13, 2014
    Thank you explaining cloud copntuimg. I’ve used Outlook Exchange for awhile now, but I have recently started looking into applications based in the cloud, like Evernote. When it comes time for me to purchase an EMR/EHR, I will definitely need to look hard at those that are cloud based.
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