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Typical Indian Evening Snacks

Maggi and Mango Lassi is the best combination I love during the summers. Whenever our friends have time in the weekends especially during summers, we love preparing the favorite food combinations. Either it can be Biryani Raita on Lunch or Idli Sambhar in mornings or traditional evening snacks. As cooking is one of my favorite hobbies, here is one combination you would love during evenings and in hot summers in India- Vegetable Maggi with Mango Lassi.


Vegetable Maggi is one of the fastest foods which we can prepare in 10 minutes. And with onions, carrots, beans and green peas you will love the taste of my favorite Vegetable Maggi. And if you love combinations, Mango Lassi is the best combination

Mango Lassi, India’s favorite beverage with combination of Yogurt, Sugar, Mango and mixture of cashew nuts and Kismiss. You will love enjoying this combination.

Why not try this combination and share your favorite combinations with me. I will definitely give it a try if I like it. Cooking is wonderful if we share the combinations with others. Why not share your favorite cooking combination Smile

I am writing this article to share my favorite combination and participate in one of Indiblogger contests hosted along with  MyBorosil. Come join me and participate with me in one of my favorite Indiblogger contests.


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