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1AVStreamer Ultimate audio video broadcaster giveaway

PCWinSoft brings you exciting news: The company is giving out free licenses of 1AVStreamer, the ultimate audio and video professional broadcaster and recorder software. 1AVStreamer is priced at $59.95 but in here you get it for FREE.

About AVStreamer

1AVStreamer main purpose is to make the experience of broadcasting real-time video to the Internet enjoyable and easy. Most tools of video and audio broadcasting require command-line parameters, and confusing configurations that just make broadcasting a hassle. 1AVStreamer is different: Right out the box 1AVStreamer detects your hardware and creates ready-to-be-used broadcast and record profiles, so with zero effort you already get profiles ready to broadcast and record.

AVStreamer Giveaway

AVStreamer Giveaway

When it comes to configuring 1AVStreamer for broadcasting it gets even more fun because you get to play with Windows Media encoders. 1AVStreamer supports all versions of Windows Media encoders including the new Windows Media Express encoders. 1AVStreamer allows you to edit profiles, create new ones, and it is just fun to change settings visually and then testing the results. No command-line, no hassle.

AVStreamer Features

Most users want to have the broadcast showing on their web pages so 1AVStreamer makes this task simple as well. You have 2 choices: One is 1AVStreamer uploads a ready-to-be-visited webpage to your website via FTP. The second choice you have is to grab the embeddable code 1AVStremaer delivers to you and paste it inside your web page. It is that simple.

1AVStreamer is a broadcaster but it is also a recorder of audio and video together or separately so with 1AVStreamer you can record your favorite songs from the Internet, you can record movies playing inside media players and web browsers, you can record narrated tutorials of screen activity, you can record your TV tuner card, you can record a device attached to your TV tuner card, you can record coming in from your Line-In jack, the possibilities are endless.

AVStreamer Giveaway

AVStreamer Giveaway

1AVStreamer is extremely practical and a real life saver because you don’t have to reconfigure it every time you want to change the video source or the audio source or the task: 1AVStreamer has 19 profile slots and each one of the profiles contains a combination of audio video and task, or simply video and task, or simply audio and task. Having these profiles eliminate the need the user would have to reconfigure everything every time: Every profile is one click away and in one minute you may be recording narrated tutorials of screen activity, and on the next minute you can be recording your favorite songs from the Internet, and on the next minute you can be broadcasting your webcam, all always one click away and no need to reconfigure anything.

1AVStreamer can start with Windows. It can hide itself, and last but not least it has a scheduler for you to program your broadcastings and recordings.

It will run on 2000/XP/2003/Media Center/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 and requires at least a 1.3gHz processor and 256mb of memory.
To receive your free copy of 1AVStreamer simply finish the 5 steps below.
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