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Innovative Ideas and Positive thinking tips from Experts

Positive thinking is one of the aspects for identifying a successful career path. By hearing to the successful stories from people who have innovative thinking, you can have a deeper perception and get ideas to think positively and use the resources around you effectively. Given below are some of the innovative videos from experts which inspired me very much.

Rohini Nilekani Innovative idea of Books for Children

With an idea of having a book per child in India, Rohini Nilekani’s thinking of bringing books to every child hands was a true inspiration. By understanding child’s interest for books and how to bring books to every child’s hand, Rohini Nilekani organization (Pratham Books) idea was a great success.

Cynthia Koenig Innovative idea of Water Wheeler
When I read about water wheeler, Cynthia Koenig is one of the best gifts for women in states like Rajasthan and states where there are similar water scarcity areas similar to Rajasthan.

As always Innovation of this kind are truly appreciated.

Suprio Das Innovative idea of Water Purifier

When I read about your water purifier, I was so excited to go through the complete video on how you managed to develop such a good innovation. In coming days, these water purifiers are very much required in every country and every state. Best of luck and let’s hope the water purifier is selected as the best innovation by the top countries.

Angad Nadkarni idea of Examify
Angad Nadkarni idea of examify, an exam material application which can provide the information related to best exam questions was every interesting. To be frank enough, there are some institutes providing this kind of material already.

But the best idea I liked was

Usman Riaz idea of Circus in the Sky

Usman Riaz’s love and passion from music and the way he learnt and become expert in music was truly inspiring. Usman Riaz set an example for every person who want to achieve something that Internet is one of the best resources for your learning.

I never would have gone through these speeches from innovators if I wouldn’t have participated in the The Idea Caravan contest by Indiblogger and Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012. There are many more videos which you can view in


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