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Online contests pimp my cube contest

Are you looking to earn money participating in online contests, then you should be looking at some of the popular online contests that are going on in web. One such contest which is now providing the prize upto 1200$ is pimp my cube contest organized by contest factory. Participating in pimp my cube contest is easy.

Pimp my cube contest details

pimp my cube contest

pimp my cube contest

Pimp my cube contest developed by contest Factory is inviting videos of cubicles which are messy and unorganized work spaces. The video of the cube or workspace needs to uploaded into their website before january 31st 2012. Video which receives most number of votes win the contest and gives a chance to upgrade their cubicle with 1200$ worth of furniture.

Isn’t the contest interesting. There are some articles written about this contest in TechnoExplore and proarticlebase.

Given below are the links to the information related to this content.

Upgrade cubicle with Pimp my cube contest

Pimp your cube and win 200$ sweepstakes






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Comments (3)

  1. dannylebowski305December 31, 2011
    Thanks for the information on this, I don’t think the word has gotten out yet about this and there’s not much competition if you have a crappy office! Gonna forward to my sister.
    • sriramrajDecember 31, 2011
      Yes you are right. There are good chances to win this contest still @dannylebowski305
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