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I Love TRESemme for my hair rescue

Whenever I used to see commercials of TRESemme during cricket matches saying it is used by experts, I always felt to use it but never felt need of it. But my latest USA trip brought me the need of rescue for my hair and I should say TRESemme shampoo and conditioner was awesome.

In my latest trip to california, I had to stay in one month in a top hotel in USA. But I never knew that there is a lot of chlorine in the showers of USA. I observed huge hair fall and never gave proper attention to my hair till I reached India. Once I got good amount of scoldings from my family members for the huge hair loss, I had to find a best conditioner and shampoo for my damaged hair. That was the time, I found TRESemme contest in Indibogger.

TRESemme Review

As I am huge fan of Indiblogger, I took a risk by trying TRESemme. Not only did I started using TRESemme shampoo and conditioner, I had to go through some of the articles to strengthen my hair.

TRESemme did help me in getting my hair fall to an end and also improved my split hair. Now I understood why TRESemme commercials are so unique. I never give suggestions to anyone, but using TRESemme is worth a try.

My usage of TRESemme was thrice a week with shampoo and conditioner for two months and now my hair is back to its shape.


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