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Preventing oily skin problems with Garnier Neem Face wash

Being a oily skin person, this article shares one of the best ways to solve the oily skin problem through Garnier Neem face wash. In this article, I shall share some of the experiences of using Garnier Neem Facewash and how to get the maximum benefits of face wash.

During my teenage due to the fear of pimples, I used to pin the pimple which used to result in black spots which I think is one of my mistakes. so I advice if you are facing this, problem don’t pin it and just apply some antibiotic cream or if you believe in house hold tricks, you can apply some turmeric and sandal wood powder with water. You can see the result with in 2 to 3 days. Immediate relaxation you get is to get rid of irritation with pimple.

I live in Gurgaon in a very busy place. So you have roads with dust and it is better to have a face wash along with you all the time. By cleaning with your face wash regularly, you have the chance to remove the dark spots, remove bacteria and also helps in black spot reduction. I prefer Garnier Neem Face wash as my skin is oily and it is one of the best face washes for oily skin. I have been using it from quite a time and best suggested face wash in market now.

I hate pimples and so i usually take the precautionary steps before it hurts me which are like i do apply turmeric powder once in a week , wash my face after coming from outside as now a days pimples are caused even by pollution around us .

During my childhood, we used to have a big Neem tree in our grand mother’s house and every weekend my grand mother used to make a paste of neem and used to apply on my face. she used to say me that this is the best way to make your skin healthy and get rid of unwanted bacteria from your face.

But now a days we can rarely find the neem trees in our surrounding and it is better to depend on the best brands like Garnier which provides some of the best products. By having it in your kit, you always get refreshed using it regularly. With Garnier Neem Face Wash, I find the results similar with the traditional Neem paste.

So if you face the similar problem like me just find out what can be the reason for your pimples like change in place, change in food etc., then you can easily get rid of it by following various tips which suits your skin or else if still it exists you can reach a skin specialist as soon as possible they may help you before it become worse.

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