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Selling your old car with Quikr NXT

Online shopping is now becoming famous for absolutely anything. In my previous articles, I showed you how easily it is to shop online from top shopping websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon. This article gives a glimpse of how simple it is to sell and purchase your vehicles, furniture or electronic goods online and get a new one.

India in recent years have seen tremendous increase in the development of e-commerce. Now there are many websites online that provide you option to buy and sell your vehicles, furniture, know about the price at which you can purchase used goods. In this article, I will explain you how I have helped my friend get his car sold online without the hassle of losing his privacy.
Let me introduce you about website, which is a website where you can buy and sell various types of products such as Cars and Bikes, Real Estate, Electronics and Appliances, Mobiles, Jobs and many more. Each of these are divided into various categories and depending on your requirement, you can go to the respective categories and check your desired product.
Recently Quikr introduced Quikr NXT mobile application through which we can sell and buy goods directly from our mobile phone. Quikr NXT has added privacy features which help us to keep our mobile and email id safe and directly chat with prospective buyers or sellers.
I recently helped my friend in selling his car and getting a new car. He used to have Indigo which he has purchased 5 years ago and wanted to get it replaced with a new car. So I have advised him to place his Advertisement in Quikr NXT.
Installing Quikr NXT in your mobile
It is quite simple to install Quikr NXT. Just go to Google play store if you are using Android Mobile and install Application from the Google App Store. Create your account and now you are ready to get yourself started in selling and purchasing using Quikr NXT.
He installed Quikr NXT in his mobile phone, took pictures of his car in various angles. Also I have advised him to get all the information of the usage of his car and whether it is directly first purchase or second purchase. Also we should know about the maximum selling price that can be set for the car which you can get from Quikr and get your price a competitive price to make prospective buyers interested. He had to purchase a new car for his wife and so sold it more than what he was expecting at the mediator.
Also he placed a buy of his dream car and got quite a good number of quotes from the new car sellers. He got a 0% insurance and six months extra insurance from one of the sellers. He was quite happy with the experience he had with Quikr NXT.
So get your old goods sold in Quikr and get your favorite ones. Share your experiences of using Quikr NXT by adding comments. It’s good to hear from you all.


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