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Why every Indian should support Digital India

In my younger age, I used to hear from our top intellects about vision 2020 making India fully developed and efficient. I never used to understand this concept of developed country or a developed country or undeveloped country. But with Indian governments Digital India initiative, there are brighter chances of making India a fully developed country. Let’s learn more about the #DigitalIndia initiative and why every Indian should strive towards the making of Digital India.

“Digital India” and “Make in India” initiatives by Indian government are some of the best initiatives for making India one of the fastest developing countries of the world and helping every Indian develop themselves in one way or the other. This article shares some of the innovative ways through which you can develop yourself by participating in the Digital India initiative.

Digital Governance



Digital Governance is one of the most important initiative taken by Government of India in the making of Digital India. Through Digital Governance, Government can reach every India in the remote villages and develop their day to day life. Government initiatives can reach to every Indian in every village through this initiative. Many states such as Kerala has made mandatory for every family member to be skilled in computer courses bringing a step ahead in Digital India. Digital India is one of the best ways for government to develop citizen services at a country level.

Some of the advantages of Digital India and how it is helpful to common Indian people are given below.

Online Banking Made Digital


Now you can bank online through smart phones and also know about your banking transactions directly through your smart phone. Easily transfer amount through latest techniques such as Mobile Banking and checking latest status of your transactions without reaching any bank. It not only saves time but also saves fuel which is one of the biggest imports of India. Seems funny for many, but I definitely value it.

E-Commerce and Online Services



If everyone starts using smart phones and Laptops for online shopping, the chance for the middle men increasing prices will be decreased. Digital India will make people understand the value of any goods whether it is electronic or home appliances. There are many online shopping websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ebay, Amazon providing E-commerce services.

Now Indians can directly book Train, Flight and Bus tickets through many websites online through their smart phones or laptops

Education made Digital

Digital India Education Made Digital

With Digital India, every Indian in any part of India can get the information related to latest cutting edge technologies. Youth will have the chance to understand from the online education portals from different parts of world which provide free online courses. Youtube which was once a movie watching website has now became one of the most used website for online learning of latest technologies. Surprising for many, but it is one of the interesting facts. Have you ever tried it J

Social Media


For youth, Digital India is one of the best ways to become successful. Social media has now changed making it one of the best sources of job and career related information. Websites like LinkedIn and Facebook are having groups which provide information related to latest jobs opportunities. By just preparing profiles in LinkedIn, you are in the eye of many top companies who are looking for talented youth. Digital India will make every youth get an opportunity to get into top companies.

Even though Whatsapp, Hike, Skype, Gtalk have been mostly used by Indians, they are some of the best ways in “connecting India”. Any Indian with a smart phone or Tab or computer and an Internet connection can be part of Digital India.

There are several other advantages of Digital India. Government of India is committed in making India Digital. Top companies like are committed towards government vision of Digital India. Do share your innovative views on Digital India and how you can contribute towards making India Digital.



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