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5 Tips to Innovate the world around you

India is one of the fast developing countries in the world. If you see the progress of India in the past 10 years, we are now the leaders in the software development. Many top countries now hire professionals from India to develop software for their applications. Not only software development, we are progressing in all apsects of life. But is their a way for faster progress? And answer is yes if everyone strives for it. I personally feel there are some things which would change our country development faster.

1. Have the Zeal to Learn

LearnI have seen this lacking in many people. Either they get feared quickly or don’t want to take the risk. Some don’t even want to try anything that is new. Either it comes through superstitions or don’t want to change their routines. Having the Zeal to learn from others and flexible for change is important.To be successful in life, We need to pass through challenges and tough times. If you are not facing them, then get prepared for some. This comes by learning from others.


2. Share your Expertise

Share your Expertise

Experts Trends

Sharing your expertise with people around you will help you with a good deal. In India where population is so high, people first think about themselves and hardly look around for others. May be you are a software engineer or expert in any of the fields. If you find a job or so that is useful for people around you, share information with others and let them know the tips how to get it. I believe in the concept “Instead of expecting help from others, I would be happy if some one else has been successful with some of the tips which I have shared”. The mental satisfaction you feel is mind blowing.



3. Mingle and Communicate with groups

Communicate and Mingle

Communicate and Mingle

I have lot of friends, online and offline. Whenever I have time, I spend time with my friends having a coffee or lunch or enjoying some time spending time playing games. The more you mingle and communicate, the more you will know about the happenings around you and around the world. Many times these talks help us in future or help in sharing the information which is useful for people around us.




4. Try to Do one good thing a week

Help and Do one good thing

Help and Do one good thing

This is the best thing which I like. Just try to do one good thing a week. This will bring more change in you. I am not a trainer or a coach, but if you try to help around, you will feel happy and enjoying. Help can be sharing some thing which is useful for someone, doing some thing which is helpful for others etc.






5. Don’t be discouraged

Don't be discouraged

Don't be discouraged

This even though last is the most important point. Don’t ever get discouraged by anyone if you feel you are doing good or you are doing something which is useful. There are many who can discourage you. Listen to them but always do what your heart says.

These are my thinking’s which can help change the world around us.





Writing is my hobby and I love to share my experiences.  I am going to submit this post as part of one of the popular contests in Indiblogger which is by StayFree for the Contest –> Time to Change.  Here is the Link for the Contest

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Hi, I am Sriram Blogger, Software Engineer and a photography fan. Blogging is my hobby and I love sharing writing articles on various topics which are useful

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Comments (3)

  1. VishipediaMarch 16, 2012
    Awesome… Sensible and not difficult to implement. Exposing ourselves to new things regularly provides a lot of scope for innovation…
    Keep ’em coming 🙂
    • sriramrajMarch 16, 2012
      @vishipedia thanks for the comment
  2. HiFiveListMarch 19, 2012
    nice post

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