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When I feel alone

When I feel alone

Feeling Alone is one of the worst time or may be one of the best time for innovations or may be the besttime for good thoughts or may be. There are many may be’s. So bringing all may be’s of mine to one place.

When I feel alone

I think about some of the best moments in my life
I open my lappy to see the childish movies
most funniest scenes
Feel like crying
Thank god for giving some of best moments in life
Think of future
Feel something to do for my parents
Feel hurt that I am still not loved by anyone
Feel to get slimmer from tomorrow
Feel to enjoy the rain
Feel to dance
Feel to dedicate learning a subject
Feel innovative and start thinking about some ideas
Feel to spend time with friends
Feel happy thinking about the onsite travels
Feel happy sometimes about some of the coolest friends I have

Feel Sad that I am missing everyone at that moment
Feel something that I can’t say
Feel to go to some of the coolest places with some one whom I really love
Feel to spend some time with my kid
Feel to learn new things
Feel to sleep full day without any disturbance
Feel to eat all my favorite foods on one day
Feel to drive around on my bike enjoying the weather
Feel to play Candy Crush with unlimited lives
Watch some of the best pictures of the tours
Watch some lovely moments I captured of my friends
Watch the moments I always cherished
Watch the videos with friends

Sit in a bus and spend few hours around..
Plan my next trips
Start thinking of new missions

And the list continues….

And then I few different. Think of what you do when you feel alone


I am Sriram, Software Engineer and blogger. Writing is my favorite hobby and I love writing on travel, technology and social media. Get some cool stuff in my blog on how to use Internet effectively.

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