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FotoJet Photo Editing App Review

FotoJet is one of the top graphical design app used on both Mac and Windows. This article
covers FotoJet review and how it became one of the best blogging tools in my kitty.

About FotoJet


FotoJet is one of the unique apps which allows you to create your favorite designs with ease. Fotojet is very
useful for bloggers and designers who love to create their own customized images and designs to share with their readers.

FotoJet is one of the best blogging tools for bloggers.

Fotojet Key Features

->Fotojet Text


->Fotojet Features


->Fotojet Overlays


->Fotojet EffectsFotojet-Effects

Some of the key features of FotoJet which I liked most

  • -> It has a huge template database. With around 900+ templates, it is very easy to create
    social media graphics, magazine covers, posters, flyers, banners and much more.
  • -> Bloggers love to crop images according to their blog template and add effects to it.
    With FotoJet, you can have thousands of resources such as Cliparts, Fonts, Backgrounds, shapes which can showcase your design skills.
  • -> FotoJet’s photo-editing tools like resizing, crop, rotate and add multiple images, layer management is very useful.

-> FotoJet has free as well as paid options. Bloggers can start with a basic free platform and get started with its features.

Given below are some of the images which I have designed for my blogs.

Overall, I loved FotoJet and it has become one of my best blogging tools. Try Fotojet and share your comments.


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