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Best sites to earn money online writing hubpages review

There are many writing sites that experts advice to earn money online writing. Out of all those, Hubpage which has merged with Squidoo is one of the best one to earn money online. This site is one of the best one to write articles of our choice and earn money based on page views and comments received from our colleagues and friends. This article provides a brief review, and How to earn money online from hubpages.

Earn Money Online from hubpages

Squidoo/hubpages is one of the best writing sites for freshers and writers who have enthusiasm to start writing online. If you have basic knowledge of writing content on a specific topic, hubpages is the right place to start your writing career. Even though there are many ways to earn money online writing, it is suggested to start your writing career through websites like hubpages which helps you to write articles in a specific method.

Hubpages is free to join. To start writing in hubpages, you need a free hubpages account which can be created through the link here –> Join hubpages here

You need to have a paypal account to get your payouts. You can cashout once you reach 5$. If you have a lens that have good content, you earn huge money from hubpages.

Note that you should have quality content, good number of readers of your hubs to start generating revenue from your articles. If you don’t have any of the above, all your efforts would be in vain. So it is better to build credibility to your articles and create your own social media network and a reader base.

If you have any queries on improving your earnings through writing, you can contact me through the contact page and share your views/suggestions.


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  1. KoozTop5January 4, 2012
    Sounds easy–could it be too good to be true? How do your lenses get traffic (which i what I assume drives how much money you get)?
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