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Think Big Think smart

One most important thing we forget it our day to life is confidence in ourselves. This article is about my thoughts on thinking smart and thinking big.

One of main mistakes that we do generally is that we start comparing ourselves with our friends or colleagues. This is because, we want to be more competitive. But in reality, we stop thinking big and start comparing ourselves with peers. That was one of the mistake I was doing till the day my mentor made me realize the same.

There is no point comparing ourselves with peers or our juniors. Think big and think smart. There are many innovations and smart things happening in world. There are many things in world which are meant to be done.

Come out of your office life, take a break, spend time with your loved ones, do things which you love to do and you will feel the change.

Everyone has something or the other special. It’s upto you in how you would love to fulfill and achieve your dreams.

Good luck and keep these things in mind when your manager or friends compare themselves with you. Just move on and think Big. Its nothing bad in thinking big.


I am Sriram, Software Engineer and blogger. Writing is my favorite hobby and I love writing on travel, technology and social media. Get some cool stuff in my blog on how to use Internet effectively.

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