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How to claim authority for your blog posts

Now it is competition in the online world. It is now the time for recognition for your posts written in Google. By linking your Google+ profile to your blog, you can claim authority to your posts in Google. Here is a brief description on how to claim authority for your blog posts.

Claiming Authority on Google

Building Website Authority

Building Website Authority

After the Google+ success, Google starting providing the users to claim authority over their posts and gave a chance to publish their profiles with each post during Google search. There are two ways Google has identified to get your authority for posts.

1. Have the same email id with your domain name. For me example, [email protected] is the example. If you have the hosting account providing you email id’s and easy access for it, then you can create your email id and verify your authorship with Google at the link Verify Google Authorship

You also need to add your Email id in the contributor link for every post. However for bloggers who have the blogspot or wordpress, this is not possible. This is only possible only for self hosted wordpress users. So the Option 2 is the best for the other bloggers.

2.  Linking your Google + profile in the following way

 <a href="
Just add it in between the body tag of your blogger profile and thats it.

After finishing this save your html and also don’t forget to add your link in the contributor section of Google+ profile.

3. There are some really good wordpress plugins that can help you add your Google+profile in the selfhosted wordpress. I use this option the best.

Start claiming authority of your Blog posts in Google.


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