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Is building your own site difficult?

I was browsing through bloggers, one of the top blogging communities in web and was surprised that many bloggers from India only use blogspot for their blogging. And these are skilled and professional and have very good idea of blogging. Then why not their own site? why they are not using their own blogging site?

The reason is most of them are not serious and others just use it as hobby. But if they think for 5 to 10 minutes, they are missing one of the long term money earning opportunities which is not possible in .blogspot or .wordpress. There are hundreds of sites that pay you to earn from your own .com site. There are hundreds of advantages using self hosted wordpress. Is it difficult to develop your own site? Well no. Just fill the contact form and I can show you how easy it is.. Any ways lets point out 5 simple steps to start a blog.

5 Steps to Build website

own website design

own website design

1. Buy a domain. In Godaddy .info is just 0.99$ per month. In .in websites are 99rs. or 2$. So why not give a try. Redirect your blogspot to your .in or .info or .com sites.

2. Once you notice the advantages, then buy yourself a .com domain. Top Blog Review providers only like sites that are having popularity and have their own web hosting. If you want to get a faster Adsense approval, you need to have your own site.

3. Start with shared hosting. It is only around 4$ per month. Use it and you will make wonders. By the way. when you buy domain, identify the best name for your domain.

4. Start writing articles and share with top bloggers all around web. For this credibility is most important.

5. Once done, you are a successful and professional blogger.

I don’t mean that having your own .blogspot or .wordpress doesn’t make you a professional blogger but it enhances your chances to get found online


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