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Jugnoo Travel Auto Android App review

Jugnoo is the latest Android App in the market providing Auto services in Delhi NCR area. This article covers Jugnoo Auto review and how to use Jugnoo App for Auto booking

Jugnoo Android App
Jugnoo mobile app is available for free in Google play store. Below are the pictures to install and get rs.50 in your wallet which can be used in first ride with Jugnoo

1. Search Jugnoo in Google play store and you will get below app. Download the App here
Jugnoo Android App


2. Fill in details below. Don’t forget to add SRIRAMRAJ126821 in promocode field to get rs.50 in your wallet


Fill details

3. Once installed are ready to get a Auto in Gurgaon through online.

Below are steps to book a Auto via Jugnoo

1. Check fair estimate through fair estimate tab


2. Use get a ride option and it will find a Auto near to your location.

3. Request for Auto and you are ready to take a ride with Jugnoo Auto.

Price of Jugnoo Auto is reasonable with a base price and around 100 for around 8 km. Minimum price is Rs.25

You can pay through Paytm and get 20% cash back or use wallet of Jugnoo for loading money.


Share your experiences with Jugnoo Auto and  if any related apps related to Jugnoo.


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