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Ordering Food online from TinyOwl

Indians are now getting quite acquainted to using mobile for their day to day activities. There are many Mobile Applications that have come up for various e-commerce activities. Not only you can easily shop online for your favorite products through these mobile apps, you can also easily order food online and get huge deals and discounts from your favorite restaurants. In this article, I shall discuss about TinyOwl which is one of the interesting mobile app that helps in ordering your favorite food online through your mobile.

TinyOwl Mobile App Installation and Ordering

TinyOwl is one of the emerging food mobile App through which you can order food online from your favorite restaurants. So what is quite different from this App compared to other Apps? Well I am a App explorer and tried checking it out.

First I have a Google Nexus Phone with 16 GB of storage. I have around 180 Mobile Apps in my system and still my Phone is lightening fast, thanks to Android Lollipop. But for others, who wanted to install this App, it is just 7.43 MB of space when I downloaded a few weeks back. So I thought of giving it a try.

TinyOwl App


I installed it and within few seconds, TinyOwl was in my Nexus.

Next step was to check how it really works. Like other online food ordering apps, it identified my location and gave me the list of wpid-wp-1440948811138.pngrestaurants in my area? So what’s different in this App. Well, I found some of the best dishes from restaurants handpicked and made me realized some interesting dishes. That was something interesting as I am a foodie and love trying new things which are special in some of my favorite restaurants.


Next step was to order something from these restaurants. So as I am a Pasta lover, I ordered one Pasta and Chilli Garlic Noodles and it was very easy to order with order now button. And to my suprise, I had a coupon from my friend which got me Rs.150 off from my first order. When you install, you can use my Tiny Owl coupon code SRIRAM249 which gives you Rs.150 off and Rs.50 for me when you complete your first order.


This completed my order with TinyOwl but not the order. I got one of the best Pasta I loved thanks to the reviews which I read about the restaurant on TinyOwl. So when you order through TinyOwl, do give a look at the restaurant reviews.

So why waiting for? Download TinyOwl Mobile App from the links below and enjoy your favourite Indian food.

TinyOwl for Android and

TinyOwl for iOS links.


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  1. Saru SinghalAugust 30, 2015
    Nice review. You need to submit this entry through contest page.
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