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Magical Sea World Story by Lovely Angel

Have you ever tried of telling a story to kids and kept them interesting till the end? If your answer is yes, then I appreciate your patience and skills in making me interested with your story. This article is about how I shared a few art works that I got from Colgate Magical Sea World Collection and enjoyed listening to cute stories from my niece.

This generation kids are really very talented and very tough to make them interested in our stories. We should not only share our stories, but also listen to their interesting stories. In our younger age, we never had so much knowledge. But with the Internet and latest mobile technologies have improved them drastically.

Present generation kids are very energetic and always interested in listening to what they are interested in. Especially when you have the ability to patiently listen to them and make them happy by listening to their cute and lovely stories, they will give you the best time. They would love to spend more time with you. You should also share them some interesting stories making them aware of the beautiful world around. Spending time with my niece is one thing I always love. We can forget time playing with them and listening to their cute words.

A Lovely Magical Sea World Story

Now coming back to this article, I shared the collection of Magical Sea World collection by Colgate from which I got from the Colgate Paste which we purchase every month. You can get more interesting information of Colgate at To be frank, the collection was really wonderful giving chances for kids to know about the sea world and how different sea creatures live in our world. So I shared them with cuttings to my niece and asked her to share what she is thinking of with them.


On seeing those collections, she was really very happy. She organized the collections in four pairs and arranged them beautifully. I was really impressed on how she kept the collection in a simple manner and started comparing them with the pictures in the net. I explained her about the various creatures and how they exist in the oceans. Now was the time to listen to her story.

In her own words, once there lived a pirate named black beard along with his friend Sadie and her parrot. They went on a mission in search of treasure which was shipwrecked long ago. The only thing they have is the treasure map which can help them identify the treasure. They started the treasure hunt and started on the ship.

Magical Sea World Creatures

When they are travelling on the sea, they saw the beautiful Dolphins. They are usually known for their friendly nature, smartness and live in groups called pods. Orca is the largest member of dolphin family, then they come across sting ray, who got the name for using stings for self-defense.

Then they come near to the middle of the sea, where the treasure has been drowned. Black beard jumped in to the coral reef to find the treasure. Inside the sea, he found barracuda, sword fish, puffer fish, starfish, sea horse, and finally he comes near to underwater castle where he finds a beautiful mermaid. He asks for her help to get the treasure. Lovely Mermaid assigns her friend crab to help him. Finally he fights with the octopus who is guarding the treasure and wins the treasure. He thanks the beautiful Mermaid and returns to his home. Saying this, she started clapping her hands.

Happiness is what we can see in her eyes during that time. Making kids happy is one thing you would love to cherish. Why not try once and feel the difference.


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