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WooThemes for WordPress as Apple for Innovation

Have any one heard of Woo Themes, one of the top self-hosted wordpress theme developers? Woo Themes is popular for their wordpress themes from years and one of the top sellers of WordPress Themes. Just as Apple is in Innovation, Woo is popular for WordPress Theme Innovation. Have you enrolled to their WordPress theme survey or not yet. They are conducting a survey which is bringing good prizes to be won. So what made Woo Themes this much popular. Let’s see what Woo Themes Provide..

About Woo Themes

Woo Themes provide premium wordpress themes that are used by professional bloggers all around the world. They also provides WordPress Themes that can be used for business with their powerful Woo Commerce Plugin with which one can start selling their business products within ten minutes if they have experience of WordPress Blog Installation. Such is the innovation that is provided by Woo in WordPress. Here is the link for their complete Ecommerce WordPress theme Emporium

Emporium has all that is needed for a small business person or a household wife. Some sell their products such as handicrafts, small goods. Woo provides them the flexibility to sell with easy integration to your own wordpress theme.

Why I compared Woo with Apple

Apple I think is the most innovative company in the tech world. So is the case with Woo in WordPress. Woo has brought some of the innovation to WordPress such as simple Ecommerce WOrdpress theme which integrates its power of Ecommerce. Still now WordPress doesn’t have a well developed Ecommerce Plugin. With this plugin, WordPress can say it has one powerful plugin under its built which makes it a more powerful CMS than ever before.

Woo Themes provides opportunity to share their thoughts. Their WordPress Themes have a professional look and are well admired by bloggers and small businesses world wide.

Woo Theme club subscription is  some thing more interesting. By joining their Club membership, you have the access to the latest wordpress themes. If you are an wordpress theme developer trying to become an expert, it is like dream come true as you have the knowledge of various niche themes and you can develop various wordpress themes with this knowledge.

One can join Woo with the link below and purchase any favorite them of their choice. For more on Woo Themes, you can read Professional WordPress Themes by Woo.

Watch out some stunning WordPress Themes in Woo in banner link given below.



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  1. Malok MadingNovember 27, 2011
    I haven’t heard of WooThemes but it is great hearing this from you. Thanks for sharing.
    • sriramNovember 27, 2011
      You are welcome. why dont you try self hosted woordpress. It makes wonders for your profile. Do contact me if you need any assistance
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