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How to create your own personalize gifts

I was feeling really excited when I thought of writing this article. I have seen people sending out gifts for their loved ones which are already designed and carved by someone. Even though they are one of the best, there are people who love to see your efforts when passing on the gifts. In countries like USA where you have many websites which give you options to personalize your gifts, India also started improving with new websites that will help you design and carve and send out gifts to your loved ones online.

Recently I carved one of the beautiful mugs with images to one of my friends during her birthday. It was very simple to create a personalized mug or design. If you are looking to gift anyone in India such as personalized mug or diary. Below are the steps

1. You have to create your free account in Vistaprint. Below is the link to do it

2. Select the best design that suits you to gift. Since I was gifting for a birthday, I selected the design that covers the birthday along with my friends groups photos.

3. Upload the photos and crop the photos and your designer cup is ready for gifting.

4. There are few coupon codes available online. Like VISTA10 gives 10% discount on order. Use them for getting discounts.

Create, carve and share your favorite design with your loved ones.


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