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Blogging Tips Interlinking your articles

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your favorite articles and content online. One need to understand the importance of linking articles which is important for search engine optimization and also helps readers of your blog to find the best article that they are looking for.

Blogging and Interlinking

There are two types of Linking one is Internal Linking and other is External Linking.

If you are having a self-hosted wordpress blog, there are some really good tools that help you to interlink your posts with in your blog.  There is a good tutorial by one of the experts in wordpress about the Best WordPress Interlinking plugins which helps you to modify your php script. Other wise you can use plugins like Seo Smart Links which is one of the powerful WordPress Interlinking plugin.

In Seo Smart Links, make sure you use only categories and individual posts for interlinking.

Blogging and External Linking

blogging tips

blogging tips

External Linking is another best way to get your article some readers. Make sure you are linking your article with the proper keywords and your content has all the necessary information that the keyword specifies.

If you are linking your Blogging Contests page, which has information related to contests, then it is fine. Readers will be more disappointed if you don’t have the necessary content what they are expecting.

Start doing this and you can good response for your articles.



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